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    Jul 11, 2017
    Hello everyone!

    For my first post I'd like to show you my build. I chose to go here instead of the picture thread so I could talk about the upgrades and add-ons I chose for it. I'll also list approximate prices for some things including shipping but I'm going from memory on those prices.

    Impressions: Now that the action and function is so smooth, I really like this weapon. I know it's reliable. When I first got it I got a mess of snap caps and used them up. After a while the rims got really torn up and they stopped cycling properly, causing concern. But at the range, with good ammo and lots of shooting, I've had no mechanical issues. At all. This thing is so compact, such good capacity, so versatile... It took some work but now it is a fine weapon indeed.

    One thing I don't like ergonomically is the underside of the trigger guard/handle. Oftentimes the full weight of the gun is resting in the middle finger under the guard, and there's a tiny bit of plastic seam flashing there that I didn't sand so as not to mar the finish. If the guard was undercut, it would be much more comfortable there.

    Forum member GearBolt recently mentioned working on an aluminum replacement for this assembly. May I suggest undercutting the trigger guard and that I wish to volunteer for beta testing!

    fullbodyvirt.jpg muzzle.jpg TToblique.jpg handle.jpg trigger.jpg buttpad.jpg kitty.jpg
    Equipment Adds:
    -Shield SIS red dot sight with optional aluminum triple riser, $460 + $40. I looked at a lot of red dots. I didn't want to go cheap, especially on a shotgun. The SIS is rugged, compact, lightweight and effective, coming in at less than Eotech (and waaay lighter), and significantly less than Aimpoint. (See accompanying mini-review)

    -Streamlight Protac 2, @$105, plus low-pro picatinny offset, @$15. Bright and about 6 oz with mount. Has held up fine so far but low round count on this gear atm. I mounted it on the right so that it leaves the left side smooth when slung.

    -A Crimson Trace red laser that I had laying around, as a better-than-nothing backup aiming device.

    Key upgrades:
    -Takedown tools. I got the barrel nut remover and the mag plug remover. I didn't need an impact, my friend helped me hold it and we got the barrel nut off.

    -Complete disassembly. Cleaned everywhere. Applied ultra-fine graphite to areas it made sense to, including the gross exterior slide interactions and the insides of the magazines.

    -Polishing. I have stones, dremmel with many polishing attachments, cordless drill, polishing compound, and a wide variety of sandpaper grits. Using KTOG as a guide, I polished the chamber, all action surfaces to improve that magical last 1/4" of the action, some extraction action, and deburred some plastic on the inside of the clamshell where the slide or extraction gear was scraping on it.

    -Metal trigger kit, $80. A bit pricey for this but no regrets. This kit is slightly better engineered than factory and has an overtravel setscrew. No regrets at all, I like the look and feel of the metal shoe and it made a solid trigger even better.

    -Aluminum magazine followers, the orange ones.

    -Extended magazine selector. It's well built and an improvement over the factory switch in every way and I can switch magazines with my wrist. How cool is that?

    -2x Kel-Tec factory handle stops, fore and aft, $27.

    -Rubber picatinny covers on the rail under the pump. I secured them with Gorilla glue. I ruled out a vertical handle and glad I did, saving weight and I like the way the action handles this way.

    -Kel Tec factory extended rubber butt pad, @$45. Really like this. The large surface area and squishiness makes it very nice to shoot. After quickly firing 75 full power shells, I could definitely feel it in my shoulder, but no pain or soreness at all and an hour later I felt nothing.

    -Kydex cheek rest cover. Really like it, much comfy. Looks good.

    -CDS Tactical's KSG grip sticker set, $20. Made sense to use this on the slide since Ill be gripping it that way. NOTE: Take a ruler and exacto knife and split the handle/underhandle stickers exactly in half so you can take the clamshells apart. I didn't and ruined the handle sticker this way.

    -The factory strap is configured in 1-point as there are shapes on the butt to do that. I didn't like the 2-point as there is too much going on near the muzzle for the strap to go there.

    -Sophie, the Know-Nothing Non-Wonder Kitty.

    Future upgrades may include the good-looking titanium muzzle brake from Tactical Advantage Armory but I need to find out if it actually reduces felt recoil.

    I opted not to get exterior shell holders as I believe I can better mitigate the weight and bulk of extra ammo by wearing it on my body. Also I didn't want to lose too much maneuverability.

    I don't have very much ammo right now but soon will get more. Currently I use Federal Flight Control 00 buck, which makes good sense as there's no choke. It works well with a good attack envelope. Future stocks will include Fed FC #1 buck, slugs with tail stabilization, and light shot for hunting small game/birds if I need to.

    I did a lot of research on the KSG and much of my info, especially potential problems and how to deal with them, were drawn from KTOG. Thank you to the forumites who put time in to help new KSG owners like me optimize their weapon and have a great time with it.

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    Jul 12, 2016
    Great review and Share those! ideas man. I am working on taking the high DPI dot cloud scans and making parts from them. A whole lot of posts soon from this soulless ginger A hole.

    I am a very busy guy. But i keep moving forward on the things i feel are worth my investment of spare time.

    I am also in the process of designing a new off road vehicle for sesmic exploration so when i get to stand stills i hop over to the KSG parts.

    My goal is a complete replacement of billet hand grip, slide, !and! A buttstock with recoil and adjustability more then what is now. Plus. Other good stuff that KelTec should have done.

    If you ever read my "verbose rants" you'll know i defend it but also say it needs improvement and if the aftermarket crowd would carry towards it as they do the cult of the AR15 it would be even more a tank.
    And as you said. A powerful "close combat" tank.

    I assume you read about the Hi-tech chest rig. I think its worth what you pay for. If you upgrade the cards and heatshrink or tape the bucckels to give them a bit more long term and stuck togetherness for use and wear. I did but metal buckels for it but havent put them on.

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    Jul 11, 2017
    Thanks for the chest harness info, and good luck! If you make those things I would test/buy them.
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    Good info on how to improve that last 1/4" of action. I'm searching to solve my last little hiccup with the KSG. Thanks for posting and nice build.
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    Michaeljagger NICE ADD ONS, THIS IS NO PUSSYCAT FOR SURE- LETHAL for any chumps in the night!
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    Jul 11, 2017
    Thank you!
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    "That's a good looking kitty right there!"
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