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Really? My p3at has never had any problems even with over 1000 rounds through it. I rarely clean it (except after range trip) and when i do make it to range, even with pocket lint it shoots fine.
Although I keep my gun cleaner than you, my test is the same. Out of the pocket as if needed and emptied. Strangely it always passed the "test" but usually broke during range plinking trips. Mine probably has a 3k round count. But thats a total lifetime count the slide has only 50 rounds on it. I try to wipe it down every couple of weeks when carried, and found that the hammer would not reset (rotate enough to fire) during a wipe down. Had I gone to the range it would have failed the carry test. Its like a Taurus, you just don't know how the one you got is going act. Big difference, Kel Tec is GREAT about fixing their problem children.
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