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A Muzzle brake does not offer any real benefit, the free bore at the end being notably larger than bore size permits the gases to follow the path of least resistance (out the front), the Howitzer type just adds a bunch of weight and is likely what makes it feel less of a thump, drilled barrel ports are the same, just marketing and the only way that lower recoil can be claimed is because of lose of velocity (ref: barrel ports) from venting gas and not enough pressure to act as jet propulsion to push muzzle down.
Slugs can be run through a full choke depending on the manufacturer of the shotgun and the choke, 12 gauge is/was cylinder .725" but some like my Browning BPS is cylinder .740", a generally accepted constriction for full choke is .35 thousandths under cylinder, some of my 12 gauge guns are cylinder bore .727"-KSG another is cylinder bore .730"-590A1 with the average Foster style slug being .690", know your barrel size, confirm constriction and don't take for granted what is stamped on the choke, Foster slugs are the most forgiving as they are hollow based and will squeeze down some but most will never create a pressure problem.
Federal Flight Control 'OO' buck is designed for cylinder bore and most of the time does not function as designed in constriction below IC .
Barrel length is not a real factor in accuracy if using a reflex type sight and may have some benefit when using bead sight because of sight radius but if the gun is being shot like a shotgun the bead is a peripheral sight as the target should be the focus but be aware of the bead in relation to the target but not shoot like a rifle.
Just got done testing a 14" barreled shotgun (tax stamped) at 100 yards with a TruGlo micro reflex sight, it was shot off a range bag with Federal 1oz low recoil slug with true ball wad, group size was 4" at point of aim, also tested was the Federal mini slugs, they are loaded with the same components and velocity (1200fps) and yielded the same result.

Will post again later.
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