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Sunday at the gunshow was o.k. Lotta people, mostly lookers. Lett my buddy at the table and I went to check the front door after lunch when the church crowd somes in. Stopped a guy and his wife 2ith 2 rifles. One was a fancy target .22, Mosberg or Save IIRC. It had a flutred heavy barrel and flash hider onit. Fancy bolt knob and fancy scope. The other was like a Remington 700, but the guy said it was a Marlin. Well, Marlins are made by Remington now, so the similarity was there. He said he adn hes dad bought 2 and had the stocks sprayed with some kinda polymer that feels like sand and has small flecks of color in it. Base color was sand. His dad died adnd his wife could not handle the noise & recoil

He was looking to sell it for enough to get a .223 or .22-250. No one wanted to give him more than 2 for it. I told him that was where I would be at too.Told him I had a .223 at the table. We went to lok,but he was not into the single shot thing. I pulled ut my Savage Axis .22-250 out from under the table. I had taken it,b ut only if somethng worth trading for showed up. this was it. he liked the color too. It was sand color. Both had cheapo X9X40s on them. I told him mine was zeroed for and inch and a half high at 100. He said his was 3 inches high at 100. They used them to shoot coytoes at long ranges. Both are good shooting lower end guns. Told him I had sworn off the .25-06, mostly cause I can handload my .270s to the same ballistics and also use a much hevier bullet when I need to.

I would swap if he gave me a bill boot. He said that was better than the other guys did, but he could only do 50 bucks. I asked for other swapping stuff. He only had the zipper bag and a box of ammo outside. Told himt to get that and I could do it for 80. he went for it.

Guess I can call it a Marlington. It has a 22 inch tube, safety like a 700 Remmy, nice blue, 4 round internal mag, 2 lug bolt, and is suppose to be pillar bedded with an adjustable trigger. Good stuff on a lower end gun. Got 22 rounds of Remington 115gr. Core Lokt with it. Put a round through it Monday at my backyard range and it was right where he said. Thrree inches high at 100 yards. i"ll ;probably lower it an inch or so. I can't see well enougfh to shoot it as far as he did.

Sorry, no pics cause my camera is busted.
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