Managing Private Messages (PMs)

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    Checking Your Private Messages

    On the main forum index page, toward the bottom, right, under Forum Statistics you will see:

    You have XX Personal Messages
    of which X are new.

    You can click on either of those numbers to go to your PM In box.

    Also, at the top of any page, there is a blue band across the page.  In the middle, it says:

    Check Messages.  

    Clicking there will also bring up your In box.

    Sending Private Messges

    When looking at any member's post in a thread, at the bottom of their post you will see a PM button.  Click on that and you will get a box for typing a PM to that member.  Also, pretty much anywhere in the forum where you see a person's username, you can click on it.  This can be on an index page or in a particular thread.  Clicking a username will take you to their profile.  Then select Click to send message to (username)

    There are some forum features that make it easy to tell when you have a new PM.

    1.  Select profile at the top of any page under the banner ad.
    2.  Hit the Modify button at the top right corner of your profile box.
    3.  Enter you password.
    4.  Select PM Preferences

    Ignore List:  Here you can enter the user name of anyone from who you do not wish to receive PMs (except moderators/admin)  :p

    Notify by email:
    Select YES and an email of any PMs you receive will be sent to your KTOG-registered email addy.  This is particularly useful if you don't log on to KTOG very often or if you have something for sale in the Trading Post, etc.

    PM Popup shows PM in a new window:  This maintains whatever page you were viewing when you select to view a PM

    Enable Personal Message Popup:  This is a good one.  If you are logged onto KTOG, when you get a PM, you get a Popup window that says:  New Message:  Would you like to open PM box?  
    Obviously, selecting Yes will take you to the PM box.  However, if you have a Popup blocker installed on your computer, you must disable it by pressing Ctrl while you select Yes.

    Your PM Boxes

    These work much like an email account.  There is an Inbox, Outbox and Storage.  By using the checkboxes next to each message, you can delete them, mark them as read or move them to storage.  When your Inbox contains a bunch of PMs, things will start to load more slowly.  I suggest, if you use the system much, that periodically you clean out your inbox.  Most of the messages are of little value after a while.  Those that contain information that you wish to keep should be moved to the storage box and your Inbox wiped clean.  Since most folks don't use/view their Outbox much, they tend to forget about it.  It should be cleared periodically as well.  Keeping a bunch of useless messages in the system make it run slower and use up resources on the server.

    Learn More

    I have noticed that many folks are unaware of these features that we have had since the upgrade to Yabb 2.1, thus this thread.  There are others as well.  If you get bored or have further questions about the features of this forum check the help files:

    After checking the Help area, if you have any questions regarding use of the forum, do not hesitate to ask.  Post your questions on this board.  

    Happy KTOGing!  :cool: