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Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by ChasF, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. ChasF

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    Feb 14, 2009
    I finally managed to get a box of 380 (swapped a box of 40S&W for it) and got to shoot my P3AT. I really enjoyed shooting it; I just wish I could find where the brass got sent.

    I loaded up my first magazine with 5 rounds, and inserted it into the pistol. I gave it a quick tug only to have it pop out. So, I put it back in and tapped it with the heel of my palm. It again popped out. I put it back in with some 'authority' and it stayed until the first shot was fired. It then popped out. I'm thinking that this is most unsatisfactory, and that I must be doing something not quite correct.

    I did some fiddling, and found that if I pushed up on the mag base and in on the catch from the right side that it would make a nice click sound and stay put.

    I've done a search here to see if this has been a noted problem, but haven't found reference to it in regard to P3Ats. So, has anyone else experienced this? And will it cure itself or go away on its own? Or is there ought I should be doing to remedy the situation?

    Thanks for all input.
  2. neknraw

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    Feb 5, 2008
    Check and remove any poly flashing on both the base of the magazine and the bottom of the grip where the mag seats. If this does not cure the problem, them a new mag catch is in order either the factory plastic or a metal one that is sold on the trading post. Try to remember to always push in the catch button when inserting a mag. Good luck.

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    Dec 18, 2006
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    You're not alone with this problem. If there is nothing in the hole in the mag then I would say you are accidentally pushing the mag release button with your thumb when you fire. If you have big hands or are a south paw this is easily done. My suggestion--and a lot of others here will say the same thing--is to file or sand some of the material off the button. Round off the edges and take a little off the top to correct the problem. It is also recommended to pay attention to thumb placement when shooting. Relieving the button of some material will also make the gun more comfortable to carry IWB.
  4. bluesman

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    Apr 5, 2009
    I have notoced that if I don't jam the last round into the magazine that the spring pressure of the mag pushing into the gun seems far reduced. It begs the question that if you are going to caryy a spare mag for tactical reload maybe it should be loaded to one less then capacity so that under pressure you won't have to worry about seating the mag. Try it, the mag snaps in place much easier and more consistently with one less round.
  5. JFB

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    Jul 25, 2005
    with a full mag, the mag spring is near coil to coil inside the follower. to insert the mag, the rounds have to be pushed down even farther, thus all the coils of the mag spring must go inside the follower. I found my mags would have a problem with that last bit of travel. It helped by filing the inside lip of the follower so that the coils go into it better and ensure the base spring plate holds the coil end firmly.

    After I clean the mag, I verify follower and spring are installed best as possible by fully loading mag, then pushing rounds down to the point the mag follower touches the base plate, IF I feel any snap or resistance, I disassemble and try again. to determine how far down, I assembeled mag with out spring, load and make note how much the top round shows from back of mag. For the P3AT, the rim is below the back of the mag
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    Mar 10, 2006
    I always depress the mag catch BEFORE inserting mag :)