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Magazine Extensions

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where can i find a magazine extension.  also some of the ones i have seen on the forum here are curved and the ones from the kel -tec website seem to not be curved.
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If you want the +1 mag extension, you can get 'em from kel tec's web store, which is currently closed for another 4 or 5 days.

Or, if you're in a hurry I do believe Security and Police Equipment in Minnesota has a few in stock, at a reasonable price. Well, as close to a reasonable price as you tend to find on these little items, anyway. ;D

They have an ad here:

You may find it quickest to give 'em a call at 763-422-6741. They seem to have a good rep on the web and I've been positively impressed in dealing with them. I am not affiliated, just purchased a couple of mag extensions, and a spare mag, from them over the phone today.

If you're looking for the NON +1 GRIP extensions, there are a couple of kinds and a couple of sources.
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Magazine Finger Extension Base Plates for the Kel-Tec P-3AT:

The Bersa (smooth) and Scherer (textured) style extensions need no modifications.
The NAA style extensions must be modified slightly.
Another option is the Kel-Tec 1-Round Magazine Extension which extends the magazine and also allows loading an extra round.

You can get Bersa and Scherer here:

Bersa (direct) here:
Part #48

Scherer here:
or here:

NAA (direct) here:
Two Finger Extension Base Plates for all Guardian magazines: $10.00
#MZ-FPK Two Finger Extension Base

Kel-Tec 1-Round Magazine Extension (direct) here:

If you’re handy you could try this 3-round extension:
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I've bought a few from an e-bay seller. Work just fine. There is a listing now in fact for this item, search # 300187247548
does that look the same as the factory ones

I have seen the Bersa Thunder finger extension mag bases on sale on Ebay for over $25. WHY WHY WHY?!

They can be bought for less than $10 from some of the sources listed above.

Just my view,

I've used both the Bersa grip extensions and the KT +1 mag extensions. Both help me with my grip. I much prefer the +1 extensions because they give me an extra round. They come with a new magazine spring from KT too, and are well worth the cost. Highly recommended, but make sure you read the directions carefully when installing.
I love the extensions.

All the mags I carry have them!

Several links already on where to get them.  The local KTOGER is a good source, and he should be back on line soon.

BTW....   Did you like my nine rounder?

Not so good for carry, but I enjoyed the project!
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