Mag releases during pocket carry

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by AccuRat, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. AccuRat

    AccuRat Member

    Feb 18, 2007
    My dad carries a P3AT in his back right hip pocket utilizing the belt clip. He says the magzine continuously prematurely releases when he sits down. I think the correct pocket holster will help solve this problem. Anyone else have this issue and, if so, how did you remedy the problem?
  2. doubloon

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    Jan 5, 2008
    Houston-ish, TX
    He must have a bony butt ;)

    Somebody here has made a post or two about sitting on their P3AT but I don't remember this particular problem.

    A holster would probably go a long way to helping the situation but if it's a leather holster the leather may eventually conform and the problem may come back, kydex might be a better choice.

    If you cut down a pachymar or handall to put on it that may provide enough protection for the mag release, you could also file down the mag release a little, file it too much and you'll pick up new problems.

    Good luck.

  3. lop

    lop Well-Known Member

    May 20, 2008

    mag my photo a little, and you can see that I put a little hole in the leather where the button pushed out. I made the hoslter first, then pushed the leather against the gun to see where the hole needed to be. Works like a champ. Yeah, fugly, but heck, it lives in my back pocket, not a pretty neighborhood anyway.
  4. Possumgravy

    Possumgravy Guest

    You can file down or sand the mag button down so it doesn't protrude so much and it helps a lot. I think you could file it down flush with the grip and still get it pushed down with a fingernail enough to function. If you find you went too far to suit you--just order another from KT and start over.
  5. RCACFBilly

    RCACFBilly New Member

    Mar 29, 2008
    My mag used to do the same thing. I took it out and sanded the release down to shorten it so it did not stick out so far. It has worked perfectly since I did this. I thought I had a picture but I do not. I also replaced the plastic mag release with an aluminum version that I got in the trading post on this forum. I filed the aluminum release to match the plastic release it replaced.

    There has been no downside for me. You could sand it too far and make it difficult to get the magazine out but mine works great.

  6. Ka6otm

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    Sep 12, 2007
    I've also experienced the mags being released while in my back pocket. A holster wasn't a good solution for me as it was already in a holster (although a very thin one).

    My solution was simple: Put the P3AT in the back pocket so the magazine release was facing toward my butt instead of away from it.

    This solved the problem.
  7. tenglish

    tenglish Guest

    Nov 27, 2009
    I had the same problem with a used 3AT I bought at local gun show. I ordered a new mag release and spring from Kel-Tec and it has sloved my problem. Sanding the button is a great idea, I wish they would put a Europeon mag release on these things like the old Browning BDA .45's used to come.

    BTW, I got a High Noon holster for front pocket carry and i could not be happier.
  8. Guambodian

    Guambodian New Member

    Dec 1, 2009
    I had a similar problem with mine. I always blamed it on my fat legs. Anyway, for me, I always made sure that the mag release was facing towards and not away from me. It seems that when I sat, my jeans would press the mag release, but my thigh wouldn't. I eventually bought a pocket holster. Good Luck.
  9. DaveTec

    DaveTec New Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    I always squeeze check mine every now and then.....
  10. nmshooter

    nmshooter New Member

    Jan 25, 2008
    Buy him a pocket holster. It is pretty cheap, don't have to worry about the mag releasing (I've only had it happen to me once while carrying) and it is safer.
  11. rcmodel

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    Feb 6, 2005
    Eastern Kansas
    As mentioned, a good leather holster will help or totally prevent it.
    Plus, it will be way safer then a pocket clip & unprotected trigger in your pocket.

    And there is nothing wrong with cutting the button off nearly flush with the grip if you want too. You can still operate it just fine with your thumb nail.

    These are not IPCS race guns, and high-speed low-grag race gun reloads are not something you want to be doing with the gun anyway.

  12. longbeard48

    longbeard48 Guest

    Aug 31, 2009
    I've carried my P3AT in my back pocket daily for the better part of a year, now, and I have never had a problem.
    I have two diffrent pocket holsters. One is the wallet type and the other is the type that can be used in a front pocket, also. After trying them both for a week or two, I settled on the latter. A pocket holster will let the pistol ride deeper in the pocket than the belt clip, I believe, making for better concealment, and I am pretty sure that it would be more comfortable than just a bare gun to sit on. On a three day road trip a few weeks ago, I really came to appreciate the extra padding!
    Good shooting,
  13. autobahn

    autobahn New Member

    Oct 25, 2009
    I am a lefty and carry mine IWB with just the clip. Just to clarify, the button faces out. I popped the mag release on mine once in a meeting just by shifting my weight. I dremeled it down the next day. I didn't take much off but I also rounded it out a bit. Haven't had it happen since.