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The elusive CMR-30 carbine does, in fact, exist, and the Military Arms Channel recently posted a video review of both it and its handgun half-brother, the PMR-30, with the help of Rubber Rob.

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Kel Tec's legacy of rimfire options.

Back in 1990, Kel Tec founder George Kellgren was running its predecessor, Grendel firearms in Rockledge, Florida. It was then that he came up with the space-gun looking Grendel P-30. This simple blowback handgun, with a 5-inch barrel, had the benefit of a detachable Zytel plastic magazine that you could cram an amazing 30-rounds into while retaining the capability to fit completely inside the pistol grip. This gun, in turn, spawned the R-31 Carbine series that basically added a stock and 16-inch barrel. Both of these sunsetted with the demise of Grendel in 1995.

Then in 2008, after a 13 year hiatus from the rimfire market, Kel Tec introduced their SU-22, a 4-pound blowback action .22LR carbine based on the company's successful SU-16 rifle. This gun, with its 26-round magazine was downsized with to a stockless pistol model complete with a 10.1-inch barrel dubbed the PLR-22. They are currently on the books as Kellgren's only .22LR.

Now the very next year, in 2009, the Kel Tec rebooted the old Grendel P-30 with a more modern ergonomics and better styling. As it was still a .22WMR with a 30-shot detachable box mag, this new gun was named the PMR-30 and is very popular right now. So much so that the CMR-30 Carbine version is much awaited.

In case you don't know what that is, over the past half-decade, there has been a persistent rumor of a carbine version of the PMR-30 pistol. Yes, by adding a longer 16+-inch barrel and a butt stock, the gun wonks from Cocoa had given every rimfire magnum lover something to pine for. The thing is, this gun never made its appearance on the market, which led many to declare it vaporware, borrowing the term for software and games that are hyped yet never make it to production.

The legend/myth of the CMR-30 has a topic of discussion here on the forum for years ever since rumors of it started to pop up after the 2011 Shot Show.

Well kids, it looks like they finally plan on making these guns and better yet, they have been positively spotted in the wild.

With that being said, take it away MAC (with special guest star, self-sealing Rubber Rob)
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