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So i did a search to get an idea of the year on my new PF9 (well new to me anyway) I typed in SN R5W6x and this came up,

"Picked up a new PF9 parkerized, SN R5W6x for very close to 3 bills. It has the longer, shallower feed ramp. I took it to the range today and ran around 250 rounds of assorted ammo through it. I had some Remington and WWB 115gr, Speer Gold Dot 124gr +p, Federal HST 147gr and some Winchester Ranger 147gr. It ate up the Remington and WWB. I had a couple of Speer and Federal rounds that got stuck at the bottom of the feed ramp, mid magazine. I only ran 36 rounds of Winchester Ranger RA9T, because I was running low on it and wanted to leave a few rounds in case this was the round the PF9 likes. What do you know? It fed all of the Ranger RA9T ammo flawlessly and also appeared to be most accurate with that round. "

mine is parkerized and the serial # is just about the same :D kinda cool! i think his last post was early 2008 :rolleyes: guess i can't ask him the last # :( now i know where he got the idea to polish the feed ramp.
PS...... the guy i got this PF9 from bought it in FLA. and the OP above was from FLA. :)
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