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I saw a thread (I think on KTOG) where someone applied LocTite to (P3AT) pin #253 to stop it from dropping down (this pin stiffens the trigger...not a cross pin).

Concerned that some plastics are attacked by some LocTite retention products, I researched.

I then forwarded the information to KelTec in the following email:

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Kel-Tec's website describes the grip of the P3AT as being made of DuPont ST-8018.

I have read threads describing application of LocTite retaining compounds to some parts of the gun.

Concerned that LocTite can attack some plastics, I contacted both DuPont and LocTite.

In these contacts I have learned that there is no such product as ST-8018. I believe a mistake exists in the Kel-Tec information when it refers to the non-existent product "St-8018".

From LocTite:

It is true that retaining compounds like 609 & 680 will attack
certain plastics.  It's not clear though what the Dupont ST-8018 is.   Can
Dupont provide you with a tradename or the actual type plastic?
Unfortunately, I have no reference to ST-8018.

From DuPont:

DuPont Zytel(R) is the tradename for ST801 and 8018 products.  Zytel(R) ST801 is a toughened nylon 66 and Zytel(R) 8018 is a glass-reinforced/toughened 66 nylon.

Upon forwarding the above to LocTite, they replied:

Anaerobic retaining compounds like 609 and 680 will not attack nylon materials.  These are polyamide plastics and anaerobics are compatible with this particular plastic.

It appears that a writer in your company combined two products into a new but non-existent one :)

I thought I'd pass this info along to you, in case the questions come up.

LOVE my P3AT !! :)


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So... Applying LocTite retention products listed above is a go.

Regarding the ST-8018 product number... a representative from DuPont phoned me because they were concerned that my question be answered correctly. I received assurances that there is no such product as ST-8018. So I passed it along to KelTec and KTOG  :)

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Thanks for the work on that one. ;)

Have to say though, that folks have been doing it almost since the P-32 was invented.

If it was gonna cause problems, we would surely know it by now.


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Why are so many firearms dealers against LocTite? I was looking for some to buy and several places that I went to said they don't carry it because they don't believe in it or they think it is a waste of money?

I finally found a tube for about $8.
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