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Little Brother to my P11

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I bought a black frame/blued slide P3AT today. Got a great deal, too. $249.99 + tax and they sold me two boxes of Blazer Brass FMJ for $18.95. Took it home, did a little F&B, swabbed the bore, oiled the slides and shot 12 rounds through it. Plenty accurate at 10 feet. Recoil is no worse than the P11 but, the trigger guard slaps my trigger finger pretty hard. Is that normal? Pretty uncomfortable, actually. I don't plan on using it for a range toy so I won't shoot it a lot after it gets broken in. Is there something that can be done to make it more fun to shoot? I am thinking a magazine extension would allow two fingers on the handle to help keep the gun from jumping up from recoil and into my index finger.

Other than that little annoyance I really like this gun. I like my P11 too. It is great for CC in a IWB with a coat on. For summer carry I wanted a pocket gun and the P3AT seems ideal. I am going to order a pocket clip and a Desantis Superfly holster. From reading KTOG I think I will be happy with those carry options.  
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I havent noticed the triger guard issue with mine, but I have seen people on here complain about it. if you search you should be able to find what others have done to fix that issue. i do know you can buy mag extensions( i need to get one or two myself) Glad you are enjoying the P3AT
That's normal from my experiences and what I've read here. In fact the front of my finger will hurt more than the trigger side. But I have found you either get used to it over time or you develop a minute callous or something. Don't notice it as much anymore.

I also put a piece of shrink-tube around the trigger and heated it up so it shrinks good and stays solid around there. Provides a little bit of cushion.
I shot some more today and figured out what is happening. I pull the trigger with the pad of my index finger. As the trigger moves back and down the portion of my finger between the pad and the knuckle comes to rest on the trigger guard. When the gun fires the recoil causes the trigger guard to hammer my finger on the lower front of the knuckle. I don't think there is much I can do about it. I can't change the shape and size of my finger so I will just live with it. Not all that bad, really. Just wasn't expecting it. Otherwise, this little gun is pretty cool. I love how easy it is to conceal and how light it is to carry. Just what I was looking for. Super easy to take down for cleaning, too. Thanks for the replies. Good Shooting!
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