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    Any firearm has the potential to injure or kill.  As such, the safe handling and maintenance of a gun should not be taken lightly.  Please use caution at all times when handling any firearm.  If you are new to guns, take a gun safety course from the NRA or an otherwise accredited instructor.  Even if you are experienced in handling firearms, review safety rules from time to time and consider taking a refresher course or more advanced training.  

    This is an internet forum.  As such, it is open to the general public’s use, so long as members abide by forum rules.  The owner, administrators and moderators that volunteer their time here at KTOG are in no way responsible for anything that gets posted here.  An individual user posts anything you read on this forum.  Do your homework!  Opinions are a dime a dozen.  Do not assume that anything posted here is necessarily good advice, and act accordingly.

    Modifications to Firearms

    This is a very controversial subject and not without good reason.  Many folks like to tinker with products and look for ways to customize or otherwise improve them.  Firearms are not like most products.  Modifying a firearm can have a vastly different and deadly outcome than with most other consumer products.  On most gun forums, you will see members discussing various modifications they have done to their guns.  Many will suggest or recommend making changes to the stock firearm.  Some alterations are relatively harmless; polishing various parts of a gun is commonly done by many firearms aficionados.  So are things like de-snagging grips and adding various accessories like magazine extensions, belt clips, trigger shoes, optics, etc.  

    Others here have modified internal parts of their guns and even replaced factory parts.  Obviously, modifications like these could have serious implications that involve the safe operation of the firearm.  According to Kel-tec (and other makers as well), modifications to your gun invalidate your warranty.  I would strongly suggest that you leave such modifications to authorized and qualified gunsmiths and/or the manufacturer.  Unless you are a trained and experienced gunsmith or engineer specializing in firearms design and modification, you should leave this to professionals.  A very small mistake or miscalculation could have disastrous effects.

    Advice on Self Defense

    You will see many members posting a wide variety of opinions and suggestions regarding the topic of self-defense, especially regarding the use of firearms.  My best suggestion is to seek the advice, guidance and training of professionals.  Self-defense training with and without firearms is widely available.  In the United States of America, owning a firearm is a constitutional right, but as with all rights, it carries commensurate responsibility.  Avail yourself of the necessary knowledge and experience to become a responsible gun owner.  Obviously, carrying a firearm in public involves a much greater responsibility and requires a higher level of knowledge, training and skills.

    Legal Advice

    From time to time, members will offer opinions and advice with regard to legal issues involving firearms.  Mostly, these are opinions and anecdotal evidence based on what folks have heard or read.  In no way does such advice constitute actual legal advice.  If you need legal advice regarding firearms, consult a practicing attorney in your local area.  Firearms laws vary widely in different states, counties, and municipalities.

    In summary, there is a wealth of fellowship and information to be shared here on KTOG, but ultimately, you are responsible for your own actions.  The owners, administrators and moderators of KTOG will not be liable for anything posted here, or for the outcomes of any actions related to information that is posted on this site.

    Thank you for reading this, and for being a part of the Kel-tec Owner’s Group.