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    Apr 6, 2003

    Failure to read and follow forum rules can result in punitive measures, including the banning of your account.

    KTOG is a forum for discussing all aspects of purchasing, owning, and caring for the firearms produced by Kel-Tec CNC, Inc., as well as accessories that enhance the Kel-Tec ownership experience. Additionally, other guns and their accessories may be discussed in the appropriate sub-forums.

    This board was not established, nor is it maintained, for discussion of politics, religion, conspiracy theory, alien abduction, or the latest diet fad. We try to keep focused on the subject at hand, Kel-Tec firearms and firearms related information in general. That said, there are five basic rules under which this board operates, listed in order of importance:

    I. KEEP IT NICE: Discussion needs to be respectful and civil in order to keep this a place where constructive information can be shared. Be tolerant of opposing opinions. Address the issues and do not engage in personal attacks. Do not call someone out to berate their point of view. See paragraph III B for further elaboration which applies to all posting on this forum.

    II. KEEP IT CLEAN: Foul language generally insults the user's own intelligence more than it insults anyone else. Disagreement is fine, as long as it remains respectful of the rest of the membership. KTOG members come from a variety of backgrounds with varying standards for language and behavior. While other forums may allow considerable latitude in word choice, we do not strive to be “other forums”. Our standards are established so that no one here should feel offended or be uncomfortable with someone else’s language. If you wouldn’t say something in front of your mother or your children, don’t say it here.

    A. Keep all commerce related posting in the Trading Post, or Sponsor List and Sponsor Display. We do not want the other forums spammed with solicitation. Spammers will be banned (period).

    Use of the Trading Post is a privilege extended to our members with 25+ posts (or paid Supporting Membership). In reply #3 below, and also stickied at the top of the Trading Post, you will find very specific rules for using the Trading Post. Read them before posting there and follow them carefully. Failure to do so may result in loss of that privilege (post count set to zero), or even the banning of your account.

    Vendor members can post an informational thread in the Sponsor List and Sponsor Display where members can interact, ask questions, get answers, info, pricing, etc.

    B. It is very tempting to discuss politics, religion, etc. Resist the temptation and find a more appropriate forum to post such topics. This has always been a rule here at KTOG. First and foremost, we are a gun board. Therefore, 2nd Amendment issues are obviously welcome for discussion and we have a forum for that purpose.

    C. Admin and moderators have the final authority to decide when and if someone's posting is out of line and they may take appropriate action - including deleting, moving, editing, closing a thread or banning the offender.

    IV. NEVER RESTART A THREAD/TOPIC THAT HAS BEEN LOCKED: This is cause for immediate banishment.

    V. DO NOT REGISTER MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT: We do not want confusion over anyone’s identity and multiple accounts have the potential for nefarious uses. Sometimes due to technical issues, you may not be able to access your account. Should this happen, you may register a new account for the purpose of contacting the staff to rectify your issue. Once fixed, the new account must be closed.

    Personally, I think all of this stuff amounts to little more than common sense and good manners. This is a privately owned and operated forum. Behave here as you would when visiting someone’s home, because in many ways, KTOG is home to many people. Remember, the excellent staff that keeps this place running smoothly does their work here solely as a labor of love. Please treat them accordingly.

    Thank You and Happy KTOGing,
    TxCajun :cool:
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  2. TxCajun

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Forum access restrictions


    1. Guests cannot see or access the Trading Post.

    2. Newbies cannot see or access the Trading Post.

    3. The post requirement for Trading Post access is 25 posts (or paid Supporting Membership).

    4. Posting a string of one-liners in an obvious attempt to circumvent this policy is cause for immediate banishment.

    Since the Trading Post contains more personal information and involves issues of trust, it is restricted to members who have established some rapport with the group. All other boards, the ones that contain technical data, etc, are open to anyone. So, if you want to buy and/or sell in the Trading Post, you'll have to register and make 25 meaningful posts in any of the other 21 boards on KTOG (or have a paid Supporting Membership).

    What constitutes a "string of one-liners", you ask? Well, we've had several folks actually make 25 numbered posts like this: post #1, post #2... post #25. More than violating the spirit of the rule, that amounts to failing the minimum IQ requirement for KTOG membership. However, the following example is not much better.

    We called this one: How to Get Banned in 7 Minutes or Less :rolleyes:

    Obviously, that dog won't hunt here. If you are new to Kel-tecs or guns in general, you should have no trouble asking a few intelligent questions. If you have some knowledge and experience, jump in a thread and help someone with a question. KTOG is the premier source for information on all things Kel-tec and other gun-related news and information as well. Members who are willing to participate and share their knowledge are what makes that happen.

    We are a community in every sense of the word. Many of us are close, personal friends who meet and shoot together on a regular basis. Check out the KTOG Goes Local forum for a gathering in your area. However, if you just want to lurk and absorb some knowledge, that's fine too. Understand though, the Trading Post is provided as an earned benefit to our participating members.

    Enjoy the Forum,
    TxCajun :cool:
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  3. TxCajun

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Trading post rules - read this now!


    READ these rules before viewing the Trading Post. Read them again before buying or selling. Failure to comply can result in punitive measures, including the BANNING of your account.

    We realize this is a free country. However, this is a privately owned and operated forum. Rules are in place to make things flow as fairly and smoothly as possible and to lessen the need for moderators/administrators to intervene in the process.

    If you do not agree with these rules, feel free to not participate in the Trading Post activities.

    The KTOG Trading Post is a service provided to our active members with 25 or more posts who also participate in other boards at KTOG (or have a paid Supporting Membership). As such, if you are only using the TP as a free means to buy and sell, and you are barely participating in the Forum at large, we may have an issue with that. We do not strive to be Craig's List and the TP is not the reason we exist.

    1st and foremost:

    All transactions must be in accordance with any applicable federal, state and local laws. It is your responsibility to know and obey the law.


    1. All members who use the Trading Post are obligated to trade only with members who follow these rules. If you participate in a transaction and facilitate another member's violation of the rules, expect to be held accountable.

    2. All merchandise posted for sale must have a listed price. List only items you have for sale. Do not buy or sell for non-members.

    3. You must post in the thread to buy or trade. In a given For Sale thread, the first posted, "I'll take it" (or words to that effect) has priority. This assumes that the buyer is willing to pay the asking price. Others may post, 2nd, 3rd dibbs, etc. Sellers, do not use your email/phone as a point of contact for your ads. This would offer an avenue around this rule, and has been abused in the past to avoid this rule.

    4. If you are listing your item locally or elsewhere, state that in your thread. Otherwise it will appear that someone here bought your goods without posting in the thread, as required. Do not post anything listed on an auction site. If you post something here, and later decide to list it on Gunbroker, etc, notify admin or moderator so we can delete your thread.

    5. If you are seeking additional information, making an offer, etc, post PM sent. However, this does not secure a place in line nor guarantee that you have bought anything. For that, you must post, "I'll take it" in the thread. At any time, "I'll take it" posted in the thread trumps any non-specific post such as PM Sent. This keeps things open, above board and fair to all who participate. We do not want to see people being sniped below the radar either before of after they have agreed in good faith to buy something.
    5a. In any WTB or WTT thread, the OP gets first crack at an item offered and must post his acceptance or rejection of the offer. If the OP turns down the offer to sell or trade, other members may then make an offer. This secondary offer should really be taken to a TP thread of it's own. Do not try to circumvent these rules by the use of PM's.

    6. When a buyer and/or seller have reached agreement, it is expected that the buyer will send payment in a timely fashion unless the seller has agreed otherwise. Likewise, upon receipt of payment, the seller should ship the merchandise quickly.

    7. When a deal has been made, the original poster must edit his first post and simply add "SOLD or SPF" (sold pending funds) at the top of the post. If it was a WTT or WTB, also edit the 1st post appropriately to indicate the changed status of the thread. If possible, also notify a moderator or the admin by pm to edit your topic title to indicate the change in status.

    8. No disparaging remarks are allowed in a TP thread. If you think someone's goods are junk, priced to high, etc, keep it to yourself. No one is forcing you to buy anything and the market will take care of itself. Neither is a TP thread normally a good place to carry on an extended discussion. It is not a typical thread but is someone's advertisement, and you should be extra-respectful of a TP thread.

    9. When at all possible, please consolidate your merchandise into a single thread so you are not hogging up space in the Trading Post. Do not bump your own thread while it is still on page 1. Of course everyone would like their post to be at the top of the page, but that is not possible. When your thread falls off page 1, you may bump it back to the top.

    If possible, sellers should list the shipping cost - better yet, include that in your price. However, that is not always possible. If you are selling at a given price with the actual shipping cost to be added, list the carrier you will use and give the zip code from which it will be shipped. If possible, list the dimensions and weight of the package or at least give your best estimate. This will help prospective buyers estimate shipping cost.

    Unless you are an FFL, you cannot ship a handgun through the U.S. mail. Keep in mind, a common carrier (UPS/FedEx) will insist on overnight delivery at a cost in the neighborhood of $50. Do your homework on selling/shipping firearms.

    Location and Item Description
    It is often helpful, especially when seeking a Face To Face deal, to give your location. Aside from that, try to anticipate all possible questions when composing your thread. Be specific and give all pertinent details about what you want to buy, sell or trade.

    These rules are designed to make the buying and selling process fair to all. The 25 rule minimum post is designed to give you some means, however limited, to judge a member before deciding to trade with them. You can go to their profile and view their posts. Still, that is not assurance of integrity. Buyer Beware applies. No one at KTOG can take responsibility for a deal gone wrong. If you are having problems with a buyer or seller, let me know and I will look into it.

    Happy Trading!
    TxCajun :cool:
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