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I could not find the Hevi-Shot rounds mentioned above in post #36 on the company's web site, but I found something more powerful. Hevi-Shot makes a "Dead Coyote" round that packs 1.5 ounces of tungsten T-shot into a 3-inch shell. Muzzle velocity is 1,300 ft/sec. It is astoundingly expensive but if used only in the event of a true home defense situation, it would certainly be worth it.

Tungsten is 1.74 times heavier than lead, and can be as much as ten times harder than steel.

Only problem is that the load should be tested in your gun, a lot of people state X ammo is great or X ammo is junk, any ammo should be tested in your gun. There is no need what so ever for heavy/high velocity ammo, just ammo that patterns well in the 1200fps or less speed range. Attached video shows what I'm talking about, note OO Buck and velocity.

41 - 42 of 42 Posts