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With some thought and searching on the internet for other types of fasteners you can come up with viable methods of attaching a pump handle strap and even a lower sling mount on the KS7.

Most of the better strap mounting methods have been addressed here.
One way to deal with abrasion on the hand from a fastener would be to use the female half of a Chicago Screw post against the hand.
Chicago posts are used a lot in holster and other leather projects where a smooth head is desired.
The better types come in solid brass with a bare brass, nickle or blackened finish. Some are drilled all the way through the female half. Usually the male half has a screw slot where the female half has a smooth domed head.
These may not be long enough for some applications so a standard type threaded screw can be used to extend the length for thicker materials.
This would work well as a mounting method of installing a strap on the KS7 forearm.

I haven't looked closely at the inside of KS7 trigger group, but I'd imagine there's enough room inside the front of the trigger group behind the slide release and above the trigger for a QD mount to be bolted to the outside of the unit.
This probably wouldn't interfere with the operation of the pump action.
This would require disassembly of the trigger unit which is not something to be done with a Kel-Tec shotgun unless you fully understand the difficulty of re-assembly of the unit.

If your'e willing to put in the time and attention of studying the Kel-Tec shotguns and looking for options and non-standard fasteners you can usually come up with a good method of installing various accessories.
81 - 81 of 81 Posts