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Haters gonna hate.

This review is comparable to putting diesel fuel in a 4WD Tacoma, smashing it into a guard rail and complaining that it's an unreliable piece of junk. This transcends operator error and looks more like deliberate abuse to make a pre-determined point.

This is the down side of YouTube, and social media in general. On YouTube, content creators are chasing clicks and they get there with click bait titles such as "5 Guns You Shouldn't Buy", and click bait thumbnail images, and snarky extreme opinions, in this case apparently to the point of deliberate sabotage to make the video he wanted to make. I watch a lot of gun videos and had never seen his videos, and after this, I'll steer clear of his channel. I don't need the hate, misinformation and drama. Whether I'm looking for firearms information or entertainment, or usually a combination of both, there are plenty of much better channels on YouTube. Sadly, people who don't know better will watch his videos and will know even less. On the the plus side, maybe his Kel-Tec hate will allow me to buy Kel-Tec firearms at closer to their MSRP.

My KS7 kicks like a mule but it cycles reliably. It's one of those designs that's as simple as it can be but no simpler. Through the appropriate use of materials, it manages to be lightweight but tough and reliable.
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