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So for those of us that managed to get an RDB - Way to GO!!! For those of you that haven't experienced a failure - keep your fingers crossed...

I ran across this post today:

Here's what it reads:

Keltec Lifetime Warranty
Posted: Sunday, October 16, 2016 8:04 AM
No longer being accepted except by original owner with reciept. If you are not recieving these with your Keltec gun, run for the hills. These guns are prone to breakage.

Keltec used to look the other way but with the aheer number of guns out there they have produced and the number of issues that exist, they can no longer fix every firearm for free......

I have had issues with the RDB gas block and Sub2000 saftey selector breaking and accidentally engaging while shooting.

Im sure some of you have had no issues and thats terrific for you, for those of you cpnsidering a used Keltec purchase please keep this in mind.

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