Kel-Tec graphics

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  1. J.Walton

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    Not sure if this post gose in this section but Iwant to know if anyone is interested in some Kel-Tec graphics. i dont have any made but wanted some input on what some people would be interested in. They would be the type you put on a truck or in your shop.  I am wanting to know what size and what yall would want it to say or be. I am gona make one that is at the top of the board, the KTOG, with the t being a weapon. just looking for some inpuit.
  2. adamsesq

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    Dec 25, 2006
    Input? Make sure you have the appropriate permission. I am not aware of any graphics that you are talking about (KTOG or Kel Tec) that are in the public domain.


  3. J.Walton

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    I know there arnt any in the public, I am wanting one for my truck and figured some people on here would too. I dont know who I would need to contact but I think the more the name is out and about couldnt hurt.