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I bought a new P3AT some time back, and I had stated that if it did not work extremely reliably “out of the box” I’m sure that Kel-Tec would make it right and in no more then 2 or 3 tries.

Well I am very happy to say I was right.

Out of the box this gun could not go more then 4 rounds without a jam. No matter the ammo brand. Most times it was 2 rounds and a jam.

It would not feed even one hollow-point.

Sent it to Kel-Tec. Got it back with a new slide, and polished ramp. But it still did not work. No improvement at all.

I sent it back again, and got it back just the other day. The repair note read the same as before. And the gun was very well oiled to say the lest. In fact it had oil pooling on it. I was not feeling good about this.

Took it out shooting. WOW! Not a single jam, miss feed or anything other then a great gun!

It shot ever round, of every ammo I gave it. Even the Miwall ammo I decided to try in it. Hollow point or full metal. Bingo! Just total perfection!

I shot from all three of my magazines. Every time I reloaded with 7 round. I even mixed ammo. After a about 70 rounds I called an end to the test shooting as it was only 110 degrees outside today.

I am now the very happy, proud owner of a great reliable carry gun.

I will now clean it and oil and lube it and try again

Welcome to KTOG 224. Glad you are happy with the P3AT.


For other newbies reading this post, P3AT trips back home to Kel-Tec can often be avoided with a good Fluff and Buff as described in the links below. Aside from increased reliability, another advantage is getting to know how the gun is put together and the fun of working with it.

golden loki fluff and buff

new gun prep


lubrication hints/tips
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