Kel-Tec Company History

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    Dec 4, 2005
    I'd be grateful for any direction provided on where I can find information on Kel-Tec history as a company. Specifically, I'm interested in knowing if members of their design teams ever worked for other (now out-of-business) companies. This question has plagued my mind ever since I first saw the p32 and p11 designs and thought... "where have I seen something like this before?" Then today I was looking at some products from a out-of-business company called Grendel. The Grendel p10 has many similarities to the Kel-Tec p32 and p11. No shocker there. I think many designers starting from scratch would come up with similar features.... they just make sense. However.... then I came across a Grendel rifle stock with shocking similarity to the SU-16C... you know the one with the stock that folds behind the pistol grip so that it can still be fired while folded? That is such a distinctive feature, its hard to imagine two seperate designers coming up with it independantly. Can anyone fill me in here?
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