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I just bought a P3AT blued slided Gen II. I bought the gun with all original box/papers etc. It also came with 500 rounds of .380 Remington FMJ ammo and 50 rounds of HP Cor-Bon. I paid $300 total for the entire package. Pistol looks new and has less than 100 rounds through it since the owner bought it. Good score. I ordered a belt clip, two extra magazines, and two +1 followers.


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7.62... Glad to have you here.

Not sure where you live... but it sounds like a decent deal.

Even used, I would consider the fluff and buff, good clean and lube, and close inspection of the guide rod hole.

golden loki fluff and buff

new gun prep


lubrication hints/tips

What is the serial number? (just first few digits and xx for last two)

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HY*54 is the serial number, omitted one letter. The gun already has the F&B done by the original owner. Looks great, very slick trigger- hell it looks new!


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7.62FMJ said:
HY*54 is the serial number, omitted one letter. The gun already has the F&B done by the original owner. Looks great, very slick trigger- hell it looks new!


I would venture to say I would rather have the gun described above than a new "J series" P3AT.

Especially if the gun was bought ftf and did not have a paper trail. (yes... It is legal in my home state!)

Sounds like you did well 7.62.

What are the new P3AT's selling for in your area?

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Sangueffusor said:
One with a serial number starting with "J". You know, that letter that comes after "H".  :p

Easy Sang....

The serial # range with H as the first digit was made before problems with peening showed up.  You can search the KTOG site  for an explanation of how the slides are numbered, but it is some type of Mystic Voodo that only Tx Cajun and JFB seems to understand.

Something about binary numbers and such. You know... "I" before "E"  except after "Sea".... that kind of stuff.

Here is a quote from JFB :

JFB said:
I believe the Kel-Tec serial numbers are a modified 34base.  The KT system doesn't use "I" and "O" since they would be confussed with "1" and "0".  Also the two least significant places are base 10.

Here is a chart to convert to numerical (10base).
the first charector disingates what model
"H" for P3AT  and "J" around fall 2006
"P" for PLR16
"A" for P11
"R" for PF9
"C" for P32

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 091011

___ X 3400______
___ X 100______
___X 10______

P3AT S# of HZZ99 equals 115,599.  After this one, the first "H" became a "J"

Here are some P3AT serial #s and date purchased

HHS00 May 2005
HQF00 Dec 2005
HRA00 Jan 2006
J0700 Sep 2006

Here are some P32s
C9500 Aug 2006
CB300 Dec 2006

Like I said.................Mystic Vodoo....  If you want to know when your gun was made.... call Kel-Tec and give them your serial number.  They can tell you,  apparrently they can speak Vodoo...

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Nu_Agin_Shooter said:
Easy Sang....
I was joking...I'm not really that big of a jerk, or that stupid 8)

Interesting info, by the way. I figured they used the alphabet as well as numbers, and that they skipped "I" (which is kinda obvious) and "O" (made sense to me).

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My HZE-- which I bought in Tacoma WA in late October 06 had a sheet in the box that said it was made in May 06.

Great handgun ... no failures of any kind in 800 rounds ... I did a detailed F&B and ramp job and learned a lot by doing the work.
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