Judicious Use of the "Quote" Feature

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Perhaps I'm being a bit picky, but I'd like to make a few points regarding this subject that could improve the ease and utility of using this board.

    Appropriate use of the "Quote" button can greatly enhance clarity of communication. IMO, it should be used when:
    You are responding to specific comments made in an earlier post. It is most helpful if you hit the "Quote" button and then edit out the superfluous text leaving only the applicable verbiage to which you are responding.

    You should NOT use the "Quote" feature constantly when the "Reply" button will do. When replying, it is not necessary or desirable to quote the entirety of what someone just said in the previous post, or even any post on the same page. If yours is the next post in the thread, it should be clear where your comments are directed. You can also just start your post with the name of the individual you are responding to.
    For example:
    TxCajun: Regarding those mags, I think...

    It is also not necessary to quote someone's post and include a photo (or several) that have JUST been shown. Again, if their post is a few posts back, you can quote their applicable text and edit out the pics. You might quote and repeat a pic if you are referring specifically to, or pointing out some aspect of the photo. That would keep folks from having to scroll back up and examine the pic to see exactly what you are talking about. Other than that, pics don't often need to be shown again.

    I have see too many threads where the same series of photos keeps getting shown over and over for no good reason. Also, when you quote someone's entire lengthy post in order to reply... Guess what? NO ONE is reading that quote. It is basically a space-hogging nuisance that clutters the thread and does not enhance readability of the board.

    Constant, unjustifiable use of long quotes makes a thread MANY times longer than it needs to be. This unnecessarily pushes the thread onto the next page over and over again. Then we end up with a 5 page thread that has 2 or 3 pages of actual content. This makes the board harder to read and frankly wastes space on the server with endless repetition of the same text. While I realize that photos are hosted elsewhere and don't use any ktog storage space, their repeated appearance in a thread does waste "thread space".

    Once again, used appropriately, the "Quote" feature can greatly enhance communication and the general usefulness of the board. So, use the "Quote" feature all you like, but use it for the right reasons... Not just because it's there. :-X

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    Thanks for flying KTOG!
    Texas-Cajun 8)
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    I could not agree more. ;D

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    OK... That's funny! :p
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    A few more points to make:

    * Ridiculously long signatures or those with HUGE picture in the sig. For example, we'll use Kel_Tec_Lover's post in this thread to make a point. Is it really necessary to have that huge picture in your signature that takes up space each and every time you post?

    *Top posters :(
    I think we've all learned to read from top to bottom, so it only makes sense to post replies BELOW what you quote. Makes things flow much easier.

    *Did I mention ridiculous long signatures with huge pictures? :)