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Hello, im new to the forum..

My P3AT is now jamming while I try to load the first round. It has had about 50 rounds total through it. From my inspection the problem seems to be that the firing pin is stuck out. It sticks out about a sixteenth the entire time. When I try to load a round the rim of the casing gets jammed against the firing pin. The is a first generation P3AT. I would also like a link to the cleaning thread for these guns and how to polish them to make them run smoother. Thanks, Brad

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You need to remove, check and clean the firing pin.

First order new extractor, spring and new hardened button head screw. Buy some blue loctite.


1. Dry fire.
2. Leave hammer down. Do not move slide.
3. Remove button head screw. Heat to loosen if necessary.
4. Remove old spring and extractor. Clean away any carbon deposits under extractor and spring and ON spring.
5. Replace extractor and spring.
6. Apply a wee bit of loctite on threads just under head of screw.
7. If slide has not been moved: Install screw and tighten.


1. Remove slide.
2. Fold a towel and rest the back of slide on it.
3. Remove button head, spring and extractor.
4. Lift slide and shake out firing pin and spring. If spring won't come out, push through breechface with a toothpick.
5. Clean burrs out of firing pin channel with aptly sized drill bit. (by hand with in and out motion.
6. Finish cleaning with a (tobacco) pipe cleaner.
7. Spray a little silicone spray in channel.
8. Install new spring and FP.
9. Install extractor and spring.
10 Apply a little blue loctite on threads just under head of screw. (with a toothpick.)
11. Insert screw and tighten just a few threads.
12. Align notch of firing pin so it is below screw. (Use coffee stirrer for PF9.)
13. Hold firing pin in and gently tighten screw.
14. Don't finish tightening until you make sure firing pin can easily move in and out.
15. Finish tightening BH screw.

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