The Kel Tec series of handguns are some of the best little pocket guns there is. Concealable, reliable, and compact, the gun has many attributes. However, the surface area of the trigger to some can seem a bit thin, especially when compared to other handguns. This hasn't gone unnoticed by the greater Kel Tec community here and we would like to present you a quick modification developed by one of our members, Jim C (buckmeister2) to help thicken up that trigger area in just a few easy steps.

As a safety note: always make sure your Kel Tec is unloaded before any disassembly/assembly procedure. To do this, with your finger off the trigger and the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, drop the magazine, rack the slide three (3) times, visibly and physically inspect the chamber for any brass or ammo, and then remove the magazine and any cartridges from the room before continuing. -Editors

Take it away Jim.
The idea of shrink tubing a Kel-Tec trigger is not a new one, though I have been unable to find complete details, or pics, in the forum. After slightly heating and bending the trigger to increase the leverage applied by my finger on the trigger, I decided to do the shrink-tube job.

All you will need is a length of 1/4" shrink-tube about 1" long (it will be trimmed shorter), and a heat source. Shrink tube is available at any hardware store, and Radio Shack. For heat, I used my wife's hair dryer, on high; to get it mostly done, then used a match to complete the process.


In the first pic, you can see the piece of tube has been cut close to the correct length, and can probably see that the ends are not quite square. To prevent needing to trim it after it is in place, be sure the ends are square before installing.


In the second pic, you can see the tube has been trimmed to square, and slipped onto the trigger. I elected to not have the tubing come all the way to the end of the trigger because the trigger is too small at the very end to ensure that the tubing would shrink up tight on it. So, you might want to make certain your piece of tubing leaves the narrow end of the trigger exposed.



Pictures 3 and 4 show the result of the process, after about 2 minutes of high heat from the dryer, and 1-2 seconds exposure to a match on each side.

After earlier changing the curve of the trigger, and now adding the shrink-tube, there is a greatly improved feel to the trigger on my P11, and it is actually a pleasure to practice with.