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Read somewhere that the new RDB's will come with a button style magazine release. anyone know if there is any truth to this ?
Was that an official statement, or just some forum chatter?

There was a prototype at shot show with a button release. It was located near the magwell though (not near your main hand/pistol grip like an AR) so it would definitely require offhand manipulation.

Never read anything official about it being anything other than a prototype though.

For what it is worth, in my limited play, I both intentionally and unintentionally tried to trip the mag release "by accident" and it never released. It was actually pretty stiff in my experience (a good thing really).

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It's unconventional (unless you have Tavor experience) but I like the RDB mag release.

I hadn't heard about any plans for a button styled magazine release, and I strongly doubt that Kel-Tec would do both, but they will be shipping the sweet looking RDB-C for California and other places that don't like scary pistol grips. Apparently, without the pistol grip, the RDB-C won't require a bullet button for the mag release, at least this week, until Sacramento gets around to a few more infringements. Don't quote me on that. I try not to fill my head with California gun laws. I feel that putting such nonsense in my head would inevitably make me dumber.
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