Is it ok to buy gadgets for small children?

Discussion in 'The Counter' started by RedStar, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. RedStar

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    Mar 8, 2018
    Our daughter is 6 years old and we aren't going to buy her any tablets/smartphones for at least next 5-6 years, I think that it's only harmful in such age. But many parents whom I know do this, they say it's ok nowadays and there isn't anything so harmful what do you think? Am I right?
  2. BlakeHanson

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    May 31, 2015
    You are right.
    They are nothing but electronic pacifiers that last thru adulthood, are addictive, and reduce the person to a zombie.gif .
    Resist the temptation to 'plug her in'.
    There is a world of toys still out there that are far better and will not render her into a basket case.
    Explore ones that allow her to use her hands as well as her brain.
    Remember: our daughters will be the ones spoon-feeding us in the nursing home.
    You can thank me when you actually can get the attention of the person beside you.

    Disclaimer: This highly biased opinion was brought to you completely free of charge with absolutely no endorsements.
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  3. haertig

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    Jun 14, 2008
    We were in a restaurant the other night. Both parents were pecking away at their smartphones, ignoring each other. And ignoring their young child. How old is a child that still sits in a high chair? About 2 or 3? Anyway, they had the child entertaining herself (alone) playing on one of those payment/game kiosk things that are all the rage to have on restaurant tables these days. Obviously the child had no idea what she was doing, but she was definitely not a newbie at it - she was tapping and swiping on the screen. Hard to believe at that age. She apparently had no clue what the outcome might be, but she knew the moves. Not her first time at the rodeo with an electronic pacifier. I can just imagine this little girl never amounting to much in life because of her useless parents. Really sad.
  4. Electroshot

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    May 9, 2012
    Real games require longer attention spans, memory, problem solving, logic, critical analysis, AND interaction with OTHER PEOPLE!!. The problem with most of the games is that, although they use many of these skills on a very rudimentary level, they almost never use them all at the same time and never will allow the interaction. Early significant use of these things will permanently change your child's ability to properly develop the needed coping skills for a complete and well balanced means of seeing the real world and interact properly with the people in it.

    RESIST the pleadings of children (and it gets very very hard when they get a bit older) that try to guilt you into giving in (including the attempts to punish you with "guilt" after the fact when get get a bit older, including "you ruined my life and the ability to have friends because you wouldn't get ____fill in the blank____ for me.)
  5. mtn_chef

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    Mar 22, 2014
    nc mountains
    they don't need a device/gadget/screen till they start driving in my opinion.
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  6. VegasSub2K

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    Feb 11, 2016
    My wife teaches in an elementary school and comes home with stories about how dependent these kids have become on electronic devices. When it comes to the subject of comprehensive reading where they have a theme to follow to write a story, they have absolutely no imagination. She has to give them suggestions almost to the nth degree to write anything of substance.

    When I was a kid (some time ago), we created our own entertainment by playing cowboys and Indians, army, built boats to float in the canals, made bows and arrows for target practice (mostly), hide-and-seek, etc. We used our imaginations and never came inside unless we were threatened by our parents. These kid are missing all of that and have become physically out of shape and mentally restricted by their electronic devices.

    It comes as no surprise when people who feel so isolated and socially dysfunctional act out in desperation as did Mr. Cruz in the Florida shooting. While I don't think this is the only reason, it certainly is a contributing factor.
  7. jonnin

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    Sep 28, 2010
    IMHO it depends on what it can do, how much it costs, and the child in question. If you can limit usage .. offered as something to do in a doctors office, etc or for an hour here or a rainy day there, maybe. If it can call home when the kid needs you, maybe. If its a kids version that can't tap bad things on the web and is less breakable, maybe. If the kid is well behaved and its a good fit... lots of maybes. In general, I wouldn't let anyone have a phone until 18+ or earned themselves. Also, nothing with a monthly sub cost is worth giving to a kid.
  8. TxCajun

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Studies show that young children glued to phones and tablets struggle with relating to other humans in a normal fashion.
  9. Xymox

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    Mar 8, 2018
    USA, New Jersey
    I don't like that obsession with gadgets too. Yeah, we live in a modern society where they became a very important part of our life but now there's really enough of them during our life. So what's the need to buy small children gadgets too if they have more than enough time with them later? :) Besides in such age children have other interests, live games and communication with parents/other children are much more important for them.
    On the other hand everything depends on parents. If a gadget is used as an additional way of spending free time and time for it is controlled by them, I think that it's not so bad. Gadgets are used now for teaching children too, there are many special games for learning math, alphabet etc. like Numberlys, Duck's Alphabet, Zebrainy ABC and so on. They're considered as an effective and innovational method of teaching and even professional teachers recommend them often too. Besides getting skills with using gadgets is necessary now too from early age.
    But when gadgets replace all other activities and parents don't care about this, it's definetely awful.