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I finally got to shoot my new p3 after playing with it for a couple of weeks. Nearest range to St. Augustine where I live is about 45 miles so you kind of have to make plans to shoot. I put 100 rounds through it. 50 of Remington fmj and 50 Ficcocci (sp?) fmj. I shot at 7 and 15 yds which is all the range has for distance. There were two rounds that got stuck on the ramp that were easily fixed by bumping the slide home. I had only polished the feed ramp as far as prep goes. I was quite humbled in my accuracy with this squirt gun but did manage to keep most in a 12" circle. I'm hoping putting a little color on the sights and practice will help tighten that up. My magazine didn't want to stay seated the more I shot it, so I guess I'll be trying to fix that as outlined here. I put on one of the inner tube grips and it seemed to work well, thought I did get a little skinned on top of the last joint on my thumb. I'm going to clean it up well, lightly buff the ramp again, then check for any burrs, lube it and have another go at it. Hopefully my results will improve.

Has anyone reported on Remington UMC JHP ammo here ord have any feed back on using it.

You guys are a great source of info here and responsible for me wasting far to much time on the computer.
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