I'll be hornswoggled - my P3AT...

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by armybrat, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. armybrat

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    Jan 1, 2009
    ...has apparently been scared into action by my new Ruger LCP.

    Last month I posted this about my jamomatic P3AT (that I bought new several years ago when they first came out) after joining this board:

    Finally got to take my new LCP to the range yesterday.
    As an afterthought when fieldstripping & cleaning the Ruger beforehand, I got out the P3AT and did the same with it (had done that before & after the unsuccessful first shoot).
    Anyways....the Ruger performed like a champ with 150 rounds through it (WWB & Remington HP). Smooth as a politician's campaign speech.
    Decided to run a few rounds through the P3AT to see what it would do. Lo & behold, the lil' KelTec ran as smooth as the Ruger - except for the failure to go into battery twice (first round) on one of the 3 magazines.! Fired about 50 rounds in the P3at...that was all I had left over.
    Later at home I examined the KT magazine in question & couldn't see any burrs or nothin' that might cause that. It looked exactly like the other two. Am gonna take it back & try it again the next time I go.....and I'll take at least 200 more rounds to burn up.

    This is an early 1st generation unmodified P3AT.

    So any thoughts from you KT gurus?

    Maybe I'll pack both of them with my P32 as a BUG.  :D

    On a side note:

    At the indoor gun range, most of the handgun lanes were taken up by a group of rent-a-cops doing a qualifying (maybe practicing) class. The dude on the left of me was firing all over his target (range: 7 yards) like a gangbanger in a driveby, while the young lady on my right was putting EVERY round in the standard Texas CHL 10 ring at the same distance....even when she did rapid fire through a hi-cap magazine.
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    Aug 23, 2006
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    So any thoughts from you KT gurus?

    YES, Do not fire your P3 again, it has no doubt been possessed by gun spirits during prolonged storage.This has become a common problem when the P3 has been replaced by a copy cat gun.

    Immediately send the gun to me, I will send you a $100 bill for your trouble and personally escort the P3 to Kel-Tec for a proper exorcisim. ;)


  3. robbiedaman

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    May 26, 2008
    my p3at would occasionally fail to go into battery on the first round before i had about 300 rounds through it. took a little break in. pushing the slide forward the last 1/4" always did the trick. one thing to try is pulling the slide all the way back and just releasing. i know i had a tendency to release too gently at first.

    after little bit of practice it definitely breaks in and is a real blast to shoot, these really small guns shoot great, but they are definitely different to shoot than full size pistols.

    good luck!