I just have to ask,

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by roland45, May 20, 2008.

  1. roland45

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    May 16, 2008
    After reading my Kel Tec manual a few times, and seeing the disclaimer about NOT shooting reloaded ammo out of the P3AT( can you guess where this is going? ::)
    I just have to ask, are there any other re-loaders in this forum?
    I see a lot of chat about the CTG lasers, but not about the Armalaser, that helps support the forum.
    One of the reasons I bought the P3AT was to eventually put a laser on it. After seeing the guy drop the armalaser 100 times off a ladder( and the pretty lady pick it up fpr him every time ;D) it seems
    to me that a laser sight that can take that kind of punishment and still function, not to mention the
    up-grade possiblilitys, that more forum members would have the armalasers on the pistols.
    Am I missing something?
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    Jun 13, 2005

  3. norton

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    Jan 25, 2008
    In my case it was a matter of personal preference. The Armalaser is very high qaulity but the design is a bit bulkier than the CTC. The Armalaser has
    a sensor in the trigger guard to turn it on, then it stays on for 10 seconds. The
    CTC LG430 uses a NOC (normally open contact) when you depress it by gripping the P3 it turns on, let go it goes off. CTC is cheaper.
    I had ordered the Armalaser and my dealer said it would be delayed. Then CTC announced the LG430. I looked at the pics, I knew about CTC so I bought it.
    I'm sure you would be happy with either.
  4. Dreadnought

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    Jul 23, 2007
    I personally do not use re-loaded ammunition for two reasons. One, the manual says "no" and two, I only shoot 100 to 150 rounds a month through it, so the "savings" for buying re-loaded ammunition is not enough to tempt me to go against the Mothership's manual. :)

    Regards the laser sights, I cannot talk with any experience about the ArmaLaser product, but I did buy the Crimson Trace product. The turn-offs for me (no pun intended) concerning the AL was the lack of on/off control. I like to use the laser during my dry-firing routine to fine-tune my point-shooting. With the AL, that is more difficult as once it's on it's on for so many seconds. Tactically, I don't like that method either. And I have experience with other CT products.

    I think both are good products. The plastic used on the CT better matches the KT to me as well. And the CT was a little cheaper. :(
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    Mar 6, 2007
    Most all gun manuals say not to shoot reloads. Its probably a liability thing. I have shot my reloads in mine.
  6. pocketgun

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    May 4, 2005
    There is a big difference between "range reloads" and "handloaded" (or "hand reloaded") ammo IMO.

    I went to an unfamiliar range a month or so ago with my buddy and his new PF-9. The trip wasn't planned, but I had my P-3AT with me and seven 102gr Golden Sabers. The only ammo they had at the range was $28.99/50 rd box (for American Eagle - total ripoff!) or range reloads at $7.99/50 rd bag, and like an complete idiot, I bought the crap in the baggie. My buddy was super impressed with my P-3AT when it FTE on about 40% of the time. I'm sure he just can't wait to get one now! Much of the brass was Winchester, and like most 1G pistols, my P-3AT doesn't like Winchester. All the brass was old tired junk.

    Range reloads use mixed brand brass, mixed age brass of the same manufacture (used once/used ten times/etc.), are generally poorly sized, and have extremely spotty QC which can lead to all sorts of problems; the worst of which are case failure and squib loads. If you are lucky, the last two will leave you with a ruined pistol with no warranty coverage, and a sore but relatively undamaged hand. Not worth the risk. For this reason, all manufacturers will say not to use reloads. Plaintiff attorney's know where the deep pockets lie, and it usually isn't with some local guy with a Dillon XL 650 who loads for the range down the street.

    Handloaded ammo depends on the skill and care of the person doing the loading. I would handload for my P-3AT. I wouldn't trust someone else's handloads except for special circumstances.
  7. roland45

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    May 16, 2008
    "Handloaded ammo depends on the skill and care of the person doing the loading. I would handload for my P-3AT. I wouldn't trust someone else's handloads except for special circumstances. "

    I totally agree Pocket Gun, after rolling my own ammo for the last 15 years or so, I would NEVER fill my magazines with anything I did not buy new or put together my self. To many variables.

    I guess what I should have asked is this,
    Having loaded 380 acp in the distant past, 10 yrs or so ago, for a Makarov with an unsupported chamber, I am looking for some insight vs. the P3AT with a fully supported chamber.
    I am curious about what brass / bullets seem to work the best, (Hornanday FMJ, Speer gold dot, rem brass vs. fed brass vs. Mag tech.) and what different powders the other reloaders on the forum might be using. SPMag primers, or standard. that kind of thing. You mentioned that a lot of the 1st gens do not like the win. brass, this is the type of info I am fishing for.

    Doubloons links were helpful,
    but I am looking for more specifics.
    thank you for taking time to reply,
  8. pocketgun

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    May 4, 2005
    For practice ammo, I have found that Magtech and Remington work the best, so I would start with their components. The 2G is considerably less picky that the 1G. Perhaps the thing to do is buy some factory Rem or MT, try it, and save the brass if it works well.

    Handloading for carry ammo is a controversial subject. My personal opinion is that if you feel you can obtain an "edge" by handloading, do it. If you aren't alive, not having to defending a lawsuit is no consolation. With the advent of custom ammo by Buffalo Bore, DoubleTap, Stars & Stripes, and the CorBon DPX, I don't think I would have the skill or resources to do as well anyway. My knowledge is decent but my experience is minimal.

    I do think handloading for carry is an option for those that prefer JHP ammo in .25ACP or 32ACP. Factory ammo tends to be weak due to the prevalence of poor quality pistols in these calibers. No mfg wants to get sued when the El Cheapo blows up. There was a guy named Clark on this forum once upon a time who made some amazingly powerful .32ACP, and shot it from his P-32. He had a ton of experience and knew what he was doing - I can't say the same.