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I joined the club!

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I went to my LGS the other day just to kill some time. They know I'm a lefty. And an impulse buyer. *And my wife is a hard no on AR15's in the house. I've wanted a higher caliber rifle and the next thing I know I have an RDB in my hands and they're explaining all the ambidextrous controls and downward ejection of shells. So, I make it out of the store without buying it, but it's eating at me. I do a little research and the price was OK for a 20" barrel. I like the longer barrel because I may get to hog hunt with it eventually. Anyway, long story short, I bought it. However, I have yet to bring it home. I'm storing it at a friend's house until I figure out a way to gracefully break it to the wife.

*I have 4 pistols, a revolver, 3 .22 rifles, and a Sub 2000. She's not anti-gun, but definitely not a fan of ARs. Now technically this bullpup isn't an AR, is it?

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Well karma happened quickly this time. Took the RDB to the range for the first time last night and had 10 rounds out of 100 not fire. Looks like lite primer strikes. Tried increasing the gas but still had no luck eliminating the issue. Ammo was PMC X-TAC 5.56. Kel Tec was great when I called them this morning. Sending the rifle back for repair.

It was a great shooter when it went bang. Got it sighted in and had a lot of fun, even with the failure frustrations. So nice not having brass & gas shot across my face.
Did you clean it before going to the range for the first time? With my sub2000 I had ejection issues at first but thought more rounds would break it in. Didn't help much. Read a tip here that Kel-Tec uses a sticky antirust coating in the factory that needs to be cleaned off before use. I tried that and the issues mostly went away. I still have occasional feed issues but I'm trying to determine if it is magazine related because I'm using a variety of brands and sizes.
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