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I joined the club!

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I went to my LGS the other day just to kill some time. They know I'm a lefty. And an impulse buyer. *And my wife is a hard no on AR15's in the house. I've wanted a higher caliber rifle and the next thing I know I have an RDB in my hands and they're explaining all the ambidextrous controls and downward ejection of shells. So, I make it out of the store without buying it, but it's eating at me. I do a little research and the price was OK for a 20" barrel. I like the longer barrel because I may get to hog hunt with it eventually. Anyway, long story short, I bought it. However, I have yet to bring it home. I'm storing it at a friend's house until I figure out a way to gracefully break it to the wife.

*I have 4 pistols, a revolver, 3 .22 rifles, and a Sub 2000. She's not anti-gun, but definitely not a fan of ARs. Now technically this bullpup isn't an AR, is it?

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Unhappy wife unhappy life. No piece of tactical Tupperware is worth that.
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