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How to get firing pin out?

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I'm replacing the extractor and thought that while I had the screw out I'd remove the firing pin and firing pin spring to clean out whatever might be in the firing pin channel.

I read how one must be careful when unscrewing the extractor screw as the firing pin will shoot out the rear of the slide.

But, it didn't shoot out. I'm somewhat hesitant about grabbing on to it with needle nose pliers and yanking it out. Can it be held into the slide by some other way? Should I not mess with it at all?

Any advice will be appreciated.

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If you have the screw out, the only thing that would hold the firing pin and spring in would be debri.

pulling it out with needle nose would not be a problem.
You could take the recoil rod, push the FP in, slip the rod of quickly and the pin could spring out.
tapping the slide while holding upright might shake it out.

you might also get the pin out and the spring stay stuck
cutting a qtip at an angle will push into spring to pull it out

there was recent post where I provide the drill bit sizes if you have a set of numbers
Thanks. That makes sense. I just didn't want to do something too rough.
If the FP won't come out is the reason it should come out ;)
Are there any rules of thumb for after how many rounds the firing pin channel should be cleaned? I've got 200 through mine - just broken in.
I would say, once cleaned, you can give the channel a blast of compressed air to clean it. as for how often, the time in pocket and conditions would be more importaint than number of rounds fired. I find after 6 months there is some dust accumulation
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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