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We all know after some shooting the RDB the cross pins get hot and can be annoying if you are not careful or using gloves. Here is a simple fix I came up with that gives your hands some protection and comfort from those hot cross pins.

Here is what you need that you can pick up at any hardware, big box store or your favorite on line store.

2 – Silicone 8mm x 3mm round dome shaped bumper pads or just the caps of 2 – 8mmx6mm plastic hole plugs.

1 –a few drops of high temperature adhesive like J-B Weld RTV Gasket & Sealant.

A small scrap of fine sand paper.

  1. Push your cross pins out to expose the concave end. You do not need to remove the cross pins from the firearm. You will need to position the fire arm so the cross pins are facing upwards.
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  1. Roughen up the cross pin end so the glue will have something to grab a hold of. A small scrap of sand paper, or even a emery board will work.
  2. Apply a small drop of adhesive to the end of the cross pin.
  3. Carefully place your silicone dome bumper pad on the end and center. Make sure the pad is centered and does not hang off the cross pin end. The pad needs to be centered so that when you push the pins back in, the silicone pad is not popped off.
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  1. Now allow the adhesive to setup and fully cure before you press the cross pins back in.
  2. With the silicone bumpers secured on the cross pin ends, a hot cross pin now will not be such a burning nuisance to your fingers and hands.
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