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Holster for Bicycling while Wearing Lycra

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Yeah, I know - the horror, the humanity - at middle age wearing lycra cycling togs. Bib shorts and standard pullover jersey w rear pockets, and the problem is "How to carry?" I'm using a Remora with full sweat-shield and deeper cutout to more easily take hold of the pistol's grip. At four o'clock, the holster kept the pistol secure, in place, between my skin and inside of the bib-shorts on a 15 mile ride at about 15 - 16 mph with a couple of instances of standing to peddle up-hill. I'll try this out on longer rides in near future. This isn't a quick-draw solution, but it seems better to me than keeping the pistol in a seat-bag or handlebar bag.
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Would one of these belly band holsters work for you?
I have not tried one and I dont cycle so I cant comment on how well it would work, but it may be an idea.
When I cycled, I just put it in a full coverage flat pocket holster in one of the three back pockets on my bicycle shirt.
Would one of these belly band holsters work for you?
I have not tried one and I dont cycle so I cant comment on how well it would work, but it may be an idea.
I own one of those and they are not comfortable. They bind just in normal wear unless you're skinny as a pole. I can't imagine wearing one on a bike ride.
Other than a belly band my only thought is a fanny pack. I almost hate to bring it up but it might be a good option. It's one of the few situations where it wouldn't look out of place. I know it's a slower draw but your gun should be nice and secure.
I have a pair of Canari bike shorts that have the prerequisite lycra, with the padding, under a nylon shell of more conventional shorts. They have pretty decent size front pockets and a small velcro-flapped pocket on the right leg. You could carry anything you normally pocket carry in them, though I usually go extra small with an NAA mini revolver, 22 mag. The flapped right leg pocket takes a phone with the left front pocket open for keys, etc, gun in the right pocket. The convention nylon short outer is a bit more modest too. :)
For me, I've found that anything worn in shorts pockets interferes with the cycling effort, except for the most casual cycling. Even then, it becomes annoying after 30 minutes.

Most cycling shirts and jackets are very lightweight material, and even a P32 will sag in it. Putting the pistol in the rear pocket is not very accessible to you, and quite available to someone attacking you. You also run the risk of losing it if it falls out.

After many go-rounds with this, my best two choices are either carrying it on the bike (small frame- or handlebar-mounted pack), or in a small waist pack. On a touring bike the handlebar mount works nicely, otherwise the small frame pack will do. Both are secure and accessible if you are attacked on the bike. When you dismount, you will have to be discreet to retrieve it and pop it inside your waistband.

The small waist pack is a good choice, especially if you are dismounting frequently. You can keep some small change and ID in there as well. On the open road at speed you can slide the pack around on your lower back, freeing your waistline for aero positions. For around town or casual biking, the front carry is unobtrusive and readily accessible.

BTW... the P-32 is a great choice of this activity, where every ounce of weight increases your effort. The light recoil allows to you shoot one-handed accurately if necessary while controlling the bike. If the 10-shot magazine fits your carry options, it's a good choice in the pistol.

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Just an idea, maybe something like this "Colt" Waist fanny pack with integral adjustable "holster", mag holders, and numerous additional pockets/compartments? Or, would it be too big, bulky?


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That is a useful carry bag-Too bad it has the big COLT screams look I got a gun in here
That is a useful carry bag-Too bad it has the big COLT screams look I got a gun in here
I agree about the Colt emblem, but the way the bag is designed/set up to be worn, the emblem would be on the inside towards the body and mostly "concealed".
I usually put mine in its DeSantis Superfly with the big flap in my right rear jersey pocket. Depending on the jersey, I may sometimes put some small fabric something or other to break up the squared outline of the holster P32. If I put my phone in the center pocket and my keys and wallet in the left pocket, it balances out pretty well, enough so that I don't notice it when I'm standing to honk up a hill.
Having been a cycling commuter for more than a couple of periods in my life, I recommend the waist pack as well. Short of the sherpa type mount on the handlebars or something. A decent waist pack is the way to go.
However our bike cops in my town, wear the duty rig on a belt. Full size pistol...Think most of them are M&P's. I'll have to ask, they ride in the alley behind my restaurant daily.
Based on real experience, I strongly recommend the Kelty Sling Bag.


Keeps the gun from being sweaty, does not fall out and give you a place to put your keys /wallet. $39 on LA PoliceGear
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