HIDEN Re: New owner today, jury still out!

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by gatorhugger, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Jan 19, 2008
    I guess I get it now.  ;)I can understand the customization part of your sentence. Just about everything from a stereo to a garbage disposal to a ford truck will have someone wanting to Trick it out. Hence a fan site like this one. I get that.

    The wierd part is some guys here have an attitude that "it broke, cool, how do I fix it"!! That is just bizarre. It breaking is NOT NORMAL!!  Maybe this is some nerds first gun and they think they are supposed to break. 99% of them don't and it seems like Kel-tec has more than it's share. And the argument that this is "cutting edge technology right on the edge of it's limits" is pretty lame too.

    I guess it if makes you feel like you are working on the space shuttle more power to you, but there is not cutting edge about it. It's a pretty simple firearm, just nobody else has found a way to make a buck on it without cutting a lot of corners. Keltec decided to. And they are doing quite well so others may join in. But make no mistake corners are cut on this weapon. I can live with it, but I think a lot of people would rather it just work out of the box.

    Not bashing you or the weapon, well actually I am not bashing the weapon, it is what it is, but some of this keltec stepford wife mentality of "we like keeping it running, it's so High tech"...ooooh... it's not that high tech and it SHOULD run right straight from the box, and if you have convinced yourself otherwise then you are just justifying your $300 expenditure. Tricking them out is one thing, buying washers to stop preening and doing the Vanderschoot extractor adjustment to get it to eject and LOVING doing the Vanderschoot method like you are doing surgery, well it's kinda wierd. Just my opinion.