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The KSG has been around for a while. We all i assume know this. I myself have been a supporter for it from the get go.

Over the years though. Not a lot of aftermarket products have been available compared to the AR platform and what not that carry a cult following of sorts.

A lot of chest rigs claim to be set up for shotgun but not the KSG. The people at Hi-Tech claim their set up for the call for use with the KSG. So. Here is my opinion and review of what i see with the product and similar products and how i choose to set one up. For the KSG.

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Airsoft

The KSG carries 15 rounds in the base set up.
(Yes mini shells add more rounds but lets talk about that later)

the stock shell cards on the chest rig only hold 7rounds each giving a total of 42 rounds. However! The cards are made using cheap elastic. And if you intend to only stand around at the range. The shells will not fall out. However if you intend to actually trust the shells to stay put while you shoot and scoot.... i suggest upgrading.

I choose Brown Coat Tactical 12ga cards in a 7 & 8 round configuration. For a complete reload per pouch.

Tire Metal Binoculars

And they are the best of course.

Tire Automotive tire Hand Auto part Finger

The KSG chest rig comes with a TacMed tear off pouch. Of which i have equipped plenty of but not too much. I have compressed to a means to stop bleeding if its possible. I suggest you take medical training from someone who knows how to treat wounds. As GI joe said. "Knowing is half the battle."

I have two Cat7 tourniquets, a rat, 3 pair gloves, a TacMed bandage, wound pack, 2 occlusive dressings, suture kit and needles, 2 duct tape rolls and a space blanket, and electrical tape and odds and ends. Packed fairly good. But. I would have liked to see a better foot print for the rig when it comes to the Med pouch. So the tourniquets can fit inside in one package. I will likely seek to change it out as well with a different pouch. But. For now its fine. I'll do a few tac courses to see how it holds.

Gun Trigger Airsoft gun Revolver Vehicle

Personal protective equipment Fashion accessory Glove Hand Outerwear

There is a flat pouch on the back of the shell cards.
I have used this location to store extra pistol mags and misc gear, (fire, light, and ect.)

I have chosen to secure the snap buckles of the H harness with tape and attached a pistol.

All together the rig fits good. Is not too overly cheaply built. The back pouch could have been made with square walls to fit a bit of gear a bit better like a Hill People rig.

If the idea where to have a quick grab rig that could provide you enough gear to move or fight. It would make a good base option.


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Priceless when needed...

So. The chest rig from Hi-Tech (OSOE i think makes it for them. Or they copied theirs)
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The shell cards
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And the odds and ends i already had.
Inside the pouch is a taco for mags i think was 40-50$?

In all. Its just another rig setup i decided to make.
To be honest i thought heavy about these riots going on. And what would i do to protect private property and discourage a bunch of ***** protesters destroying other peoples stuff.

Like the riots in CA where citizen men stood armed to protect. I too would.

I have rubber buckshot and rubber slugs. And was thinking how would you intimidate protests away from your or others private property. Standing guard with a KSG and a rig like this they wouldn't try.

Yes its not a AR with a thousand rounds. But its a solid looking setup and functional. And in 10 minuets i could carry 150 rubber 12ga rounds and be mean as hell.

Cops are limited. How many vs people? They are the for profit enforcement side of rule of law. But they didn't create it. It was created by men who choose to do something when faced with mobs of evil.

I think today. That the evil has never gone. And so many have fed it by not standing. My opinion. One citizen standing in front of those mobs asking them if they where ready to fight to destroy as much as he was to protect... they would not have been free to walk down the street destroying millions of dollars of private property.

Thats why i put this rig together. And thats my opinion for a use of a rig like this.

I didn't see the police defending liberty to have private property. I saw protestors assaulting other peoples liberty.

I found it congruent that those who claim every weapon is a assault weapon were assaulting other peoples rights.

Mine are defensive. Because i want to protect me and mine, and others rights from a Mob of mindless zombies.

Anyways. :)


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Trust me the Hi-Tech rig is a very bad copy of the OSOE Cop Rig. I have several of their 6 shell shot cards and the stitching is not even close. I have a few sheriff friends that have the cop rigs in the trunk of their cars these are seriously nice gear but at a steep price

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Trust me the Hi-Tech rig is a very bad copy of the OSOE Cop Rig. I have several of their 6 shell shot cards and the stitching is not even close. I have a few sheriff friends that have the cop rigs in the trunk of their cars these are seriously nice gear but at a steep price
Interesting, I seen a Youtube video by Hi-Tech on there rig this week and the comments section was disabled. Maybe others felt the same way and they disabled the bad press.

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Here is a photo of basically the same chest rig.
Anybody besides me notice that the guy is slam-firing the pump?:D
To get empties coming out that close together, it's firing faster than an automatic:eek::
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(I confess to doing that before:p)
I have a vest coming for pistol-rifle-shotgun.
Zip up and ready for anything:D.
(Not on topic for this thread;))
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