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Hello, and P3-AT Belt Clip Removal Question

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First, I wanted to say hello to everyone. I've been lurking here for a month or two, and based largely upon the incredible devotion and support I've seen here for the P3-ATs, I purchased one a couple of weeks ago.

I was prepared to have to do a little work on it or to send it back to the factory after receipt, but I put 100 Remington JHP rounds through it in the first sitting and had absolutely NO issues. Needless to say, I've put my P3-AT in a Kramer Leather pocket holster, and she goes everywhere with me.

I do have a question, however. After purchase, I added the belt clip from Kel-Tec. While I liked the convenience of the clip, I eventually decided to go with the pocket holster full time. I removed the clip, but I was then left with the choice of trying to pound in the original rear pin, or just removing the clip and screwing the cap back on the screw-pin that ships with the clip. Not having the proper tools, I opted for screwing the cap back on. It sits flush with the slide, and if I had no knowledge of the gun, I would say that it looks like it could be made that way. However, am I running any strange risk of using the screw-pin without the clip instead of the original pin? I don't imagine it would be a problem, but I thought I'd ask to be sure.

Thanks in advance. You guys rock.

(Since I've noticed some people list their hardware with their introductions, I also keep a two-tone Springfield XD-45, a stainless Walther PPK, and a .38 S&W Airlight snubbie with Crimson Trace grips near and dear to my heart...or hand. Whichever the case may be.)
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I don't think leaving the steel frame pin in place would cause you any problems.
If you don't mind the non-flush fit of the regular frame pins, it's ok, as long as the threads stay tight. A little blue or purple (not red) locktite will solve that.
Thanks to both of you. In fact, I did use the blue locktite when putting the pin/screw combination back together.
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