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My new PMR range report

Well after picking up my new PMR and SU16c on friday I hit the range today.
First up was the PMR. I used 30gr Hornady VMAX and 40 rounds of old (not sure how old but they looked pretty old) Remington hollow points.

After 140 rounds I had 3 malfunctions.
First was a Fail to feed on the old Remington ammo on the second bullet in the first magazine. The hollow tip just kind of stuck on the feed ramp and fell out when I pulled the slide back.
Second was a light primer strike on the old ammo as well.
Third was the slide locking back with 1 bullet left in the magazine while using the VMAX ammo.

All in all I am very pleased with how the PMR performed. With one FTF out of 140 rounds I am not complaining. The other 2 issues were probably just an old bullet and probably user error on the slide lock issue.

Oh did I mention that it was a freaking blast to shoot!
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