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I went out and got myself a large, heavy duty double rifle case so I could bring lots of guns to Phideaux's in 2018. Quite proud of myself for the price I got (on sale for $50 off, plus I had an additional $40 coupon Cabela's sent in the mail).

Then I went to the Southwest Airlines website to find out what the weight limit for luggage like this is - the case weights 24lbs empty. Yikes!!! They want $75 EACH WAY to transport a large rifle case - defined as total exterior dimensions that add to greater than 60" but less than 80" (but it can weigh up to 100lbs). My new case comes to 78.5" total dimension. I don't know if I can afford to ship that behemoth back and forth.

I guess I'll look to see if I can disassemble the rear of my RPR stock and fit the pieces into a smaller case less than 60" total to avoid the oversize charge. Cabela's has one that comes to 59" external dimension, just under the limit. But not many rifles are gonna fit into something that is 36.5"x13.5"x4.5" (inside dimensions). My RPR with scope will fold to 33"x11.5"x5.75". Even without padding, it wouldn't fit due to the depth. If I can disassemble the stock rather than folding it ... maybe.

Alas, maybe I'll just have to stick with a few handguns. Rifles are pretty expensive to transport it seems. Other airlines besides Southwest charge even more. United wants $100 for the oversize, and another $100 for the overweight! It would be cheaper to book the thing as a passenger and not a piece of luggage! At least the case appears sturdy enough to survive being drug out of it's seat and beaten if overbooked.
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