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I had tried the old mod using an ak47 hammer spring years ago. I couldnt seem to get ot to work.
I purchased a redlion handguard.
It is well made but to me it made the front end too heavy. So i took it off and put the OEM back on. I will be listing this redlion and the zuchov handgaurds shortly.
Yesterday i figured i would try the ak47 spring mod again. This time i extended the spring by unwinding one turn. This makes the legs of the spring longer so they lock into the underside of handgaurd better. It also makes getting the handguard put back together much easier as you dont have to over come the extra coil.
Now my handgaurd deploys on its own like the old mod. I really like it. Next i am going to put a couple of strips of muffler wrap held in place via that heat reflective silver tape to provide a quasi heat sheild.

Video was kind of difficult to film one handed. Mineis the last entry. A shorty video

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