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So my brother in law wanted me to go gun shopping today with him. We went to a shop a few towns over because he heard it was a great place. It was OK but nothing special. My brother in law was looking for a .17 so we went to a better gun shop in Darlington and they had one but it just wasnt right.

So, I told my brother in law we should go to my guy where I buy all my stuff and maybe he will have something.

We get there and there is no .17 and we almost just pass over the SU22 because its lumped in with all the EBR's

But we find it and my BIL snaps it up. We left and hit Wally World for some ammo and cleaned em out of Federal bulk packs. (he's gonna have to order more mags for sure and a mag loader)

We spent the rerst of the day shooting it and mine and the wifes P11's.

I like the SU22. pretty decent groups and we had a blast shooting it.
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