Gun for wife?

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by Chris_L., Oct 21, 2008.

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    I posted these questions in the P-32 forum also. I figure that a bunch of you guys may own or have shot the P-32 also and can compare the two guns. I have a P3At. I'm considering purchasing a P-32 for my wife. The recoil on the P3AT would be too intimidating for her. Is the recoil significantly less on the P-32. How is the reliability? Would the crimson trace laser fit the P-32 also? Any other issues that I should be aware of? I'm just beginning my research.
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    Oct 2, 2008
    i dont know much about the p32 but i bought my GF a p3at with a ctc laser and she loves it. i told her how that many people think it kicks to hard, she just laughs. she wasnt into guns before i met her, now she just wants to go shooting all the time. i know that ctc sells a laser for the p32. this is only my opinion but i would consider just getting her the p3at. i would rather have a little more ooph in case she needs to use it. the p3at couldnt kick that much more than the p32, could it? all i know is that the GF usually out shots me with her p3at than with mine. i wouldnt mess with her. good luck on whatever you chose.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Having had both I can say that the recoil is less.  As the platform is less powerful the chances of operator error (limp wristing etc) are less. the last shot hold open & extra round are plusses.  The slide racks easier.  AND the gun is a tad bit smaller.

    Follow up shots are quicker as the gun doesn't jump around as much. I sold my P3AT & picked up a P32 this summer.
  4. I think a few questions are in order.

    How experienced of a shooter is the wife?
    Is she mechanically inclined?
    Does she have any training at all?

    My opinion is that if a person has very limited experience, is generally not inclined to shoot alot, and is not that interested in the mechanics of guns, then maybe they should consider a small revolver.

    My wife will shoot her 2" S&W- but does not care about much else.

    I do not think the P32 or the P3AT is a good choice for a starter SD weapon.
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    Nov 16, 2006
    Gun for wife?

    Sounds like an excellent trade if you can still make it!
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    She has a little experience, but not a whole lot. Up until this point she has mostly just shot a couple of my 22 pistols. She just developed an interest and I'm her trainer. She doesn't have much interest in shooting my larger handguns because she is intimidated by the recoil. What mechanical ability would she need? I would be with her at all range sessions and perform all the cleaning and maintenance on the gun. The only time she would shoot it without me being there would be in a self defense situation. I certainly can't argue against the simplictity and reliabilty of a revolver though. I was thinking of the P-32 for her because of it's small size, weight, and ease of concealment.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    One thing to consider. In a high stress situation clearing a jam in a semiauto may be a problem for someone who is mechanically challenged. Not to say it is difficult, but some folks just go into brainlock under stress. There is also the chance of accidentally dropping a mag.

    For foolproof usage I'd go with the revolver.

    It's not what you are comfortable with. It's what SHE is comfortable with that's the prime factor.
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    Mar 7, 2006
    Is she going to conceal carry on her person and worries about printing?  If so P-32 is great!

    Is she going to conceal carry in a purse and size/weight/printing is not as much of an issue? Then a revolver is far better!

    If she is not going to conceal carry at all then go for the revolver once again or a larger easier to shoot semi-auto handgun if it will be kept in her vehicle. If for home defense, then a 20 gauge pump shotgun!

    I bought the P-32 for my mom for concealed carry because anything larger and she would end up leaving it at home (I just know her to well).  She also would be put off by any recoil and potentially a limp-wrister (hence the .32 over the 380 auto).  Of course I'd like my mom to have a revolver but she just would not carry one on her person (no place to hide the bulge).

    Just my .02 cents!
  9. Not being able to clear a jamb at the range is one thing.......but in a SHTF situation it would not be good at all.

    +1 Rat.....
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    Nov 26, 2006
    Wife started out w/ a S&W 642. Now all she wants/carries is her P 32
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    Just wanted to clear one thing up. I didn't say she was mechanically challenged, I was responding to an earlier post. If we got her a semi-auto, jam clearing would be part of her training. I also agree that the only thing that matters is what she is comfortable shooting and carrying. Keep the opinions on the P-32 coming.