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Gun belt by "The Beltman",

Dual-layer 1-1/2" bullhide (no extra stiffener in the one I bought - I can't imagine ever needing that with this belt, but it's an option).

$79 plus $7 shipping = $86

Ordered 6/13, delivered 6/16. I ordered one of their "Quick Ship" belts. And they ARE quick! You are limited to either brown or black and no customization for "Quick Ship" choices. You're also limited to either brass or silver buckles. A custom belt will take longer. I'll bet that 95% of customers would be perfectly happy with the choices you have for a Quick Ship.


These are very nice belts. Handsome. Extremely well made. Beautifully finished. Quality materials all around. Stiff enough to hold the heaviest handgun IMHO. No question that this is a top-of-the-line gun belt. There is not one negative thing I can say about the Beltman belt.

Comparing to my other two gun belts...

vs. Wilderness Experience Original Instructors 5-stitch belt, 1-1/2":
Currently $47.95 + 7.95 shipping =~ $56

Not a bad belt for a lighter handgun. Good stiffness top to bottom if you squeeze it, not as stiff, but still similar to the Beltman offering. This is their "5-stitch" offering. The standard offering is their "3-stitch", which is a less stiff and weaker belt. The Wilderness, even the 5-stitch, is significantly less stiff than the Beltman in twisting resistance however. Has a really heavy tactical buckle. Not a dress belt that you would wear with nice clothes. Perfectly adequate to support my PF9 carried OWB. I have doubts that it could handle a fullsized heavy gun well though. It might. But I didn't try it. The velcro on my Wilderness belt has worn itself down to nothing, so I don't use it anymore. It slips now, and does not securely hold anything. When it was new, that velcro had one heck of a grip though. It was actually a pain to get it through my belt loops as the velcro would attach itself prematurely. Limited adjustability in length due to the velcro patches needing to line up. I was initially impressed with it, but after using it for a few years, I probably wouldn't buy it again.

vs. 5.11 Tactical Series gun belt, 1-1/2":
No longer made, but similar looking to their current "Casual Leather Belt"
Currently $39.99 (looks like free shipping on their website?)

Another reasonable belt. Nowhere near the quality and appearance of the Beltman, but adequate to support a lighter handgun OWB. Overall stiffness both top-down and twisting is better than the Wilderness, but not as good as the Beltman. This 5.11 belt has really gotten scuffed up over the years, and has developed a significant kink in it where the buckle interfaces with the hole. The 5.11 will look better with dress clothes than the Wilderness. I got this one as a freebie from L.A. Police gear when I bought a pair of 5.11 pants. I would probably buy it again for $40, but realizing that I wouldn't be getting something of high quality. But it's adequate.

The Beltman is quite superior to my other belts in every category. It's going to support heavier handguns. It's going to last longer. It's going to look better. It's going to exude "quality", not "bargain". But it costs twice as much. That's a significant negative. However, it is no more expensive, and often cheaper, than other top-line leather gun belts. Is it worth it? To me it is (duh, that's why I bought it!) I like nice leather for my holsters and belts. I'm not really a Kydex and nylon webbing kind of guy. However, if you are price conscious and really only want something that will support your (lighter weight) gun and don't really care what it looks like, the other two belts are adequate. These other two belts would probably support a heavier gun short term, just long term when they start to wear down is questionable. I can't comment on the long term durability of the Beltman since it just arrived today. However, just looking at it and handling it, it is obviously more durable than my other two belts, by a large margin, and it will probably live longer than I will.

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I still have my Dads old police belt he wore to keep his pants up when he was walking the beat back in the early 60's.I hit it with a little black shoe polish every year and it looks like new.... A good leather belt will last a long time if it's cared for...
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