Gotta give Kel-Tec credit where credit is due!

Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by crv99, Dec 28, 2008.

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    Dec 28, 2008
    After multiple POS early P32 and P3AT problems, my new P3AT rocks! Just got back from blastin' out in the Arizona desert over the Christmas holiday. Put over 300 rounds through it with ZERO malfunctions, which was frickin' AMAZING to me with all the problems I'd had in the past with P3ATs. These rounds were shot by everyone from my tiny sister and wife to me and my "husky" father. No "limp wristing" malfunctions...NONE at all and I didn't tell them anything special about how to hold it. Shot Wally World white box, S&B, Remington ball ammo and Corbon and Federal hollowpoints...all without a hitch.

    This latest P3AT came to me in late November as a 2nd generation FREE replacement for an old 1st generation one I'd had sitting in my safe for years. Despite being back to Kel-Tec several times, it was NEVER reliable. Did the fluff and buff and everything. Gave up on it and bought a 2nd gen one when they first came out. It was better, but it still required a bit of work, i.e. "smoothing". Pretty reliable, but... Anyway, it was replaced as pocket carry by a Kahr PM9, but I figured "what the heck" about the old 1st gen one. They probably didn't have replacement parts for it and...I guess I was right as they sent me a brand new 2nd gen P3AT with my old serial number stamped on it in hard chrome (old one was hard chrome). This 2nd gen P3AT was machined MUCH better than my other 2nd gen one and I didn't take ANY tools to it at all because I really wanted to see how it ran out of the box. All I did was hand cycle maybe 100-150 snap caps through it with some dry fire practice, cleaned and then lubed it. In those 300 or so actual firings, I never cleaned it or oiled it again. Kudos to KT! Nice to see an American company get it right.