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Took 30 days. Got the new three pin trigger and i think a new slide.

It's hand feeding alot better, was only gonna shoot rem umc but i had to see if it would shoot some it was choking on before.. Bought a couple boxes of feds thought if they did'nt work i'd shoot them in my kahr. Should have took the whole box but i did'nt think they would work. Had a bad extraction problem with them before. Had one ftfeed but was shooting weak handed and trying to aim. Had none shooting strong handed or both handed.

The rem umc ran!!! Thought they would, haven't had a failure yet with one except the one i limpwristed with a really loose grip weak handed to see how it would work, got one ftfeed the other 5 fead and fired!!!

Kinda think maybe a stronger mag spring would have prevented both ftfeeds, Thnk with a good grip {not a white knucklegrip either} that it will make a good bug.

THE PINS did'nt drift either!!!!!
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