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I got my 3AT back this week. I sent it back because of smiley faces and peening on the frame. The peening was the main reason for sending it back but it was minor peening. the peening was on the corner of the frame at the top of the mag below the feedramp.
They replaced the slide, polished the feedramp and replaced internal parts which I believe is the springs and guide rod. I had modified the feedramp but they didn't mention nothing about this. I still don't understand why they replaced the slide but it's ok with me.
I still get smiley faces. The first round in the mag doesn't get smileys the second and third round gets a pretty good smiley. The fourth gets a light smiley. The minor peening on the frame seems to have stopped, not getting any worse.
I just wanted to make sure the gun was ok and not going to fly apart or anything. They test fired it before sending it back so I guess my feedramp mod is ok. I believe the springs they put in are heavier because the slide seems harder to rack and the springs seem harder to get back in after cleaning.
I just like to state this pistol has never failed to fire or cycle and I'm happy with KT's service.
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