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Got a P3AT,  too Cool !

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What a cool little gun.

I did a fluff & buff, and ran 100 rounds of WWB.

Also tried some Hornady and Winchester JHP.

So far it's been 100% reliable.

I was pleased to see I could hit steel plates at 25 yards with it. 8)

I didn't expect it to be a custom 1911, but it shoots pretty damn good for a little belly gun.
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Re: Got a P3AT,  too Cool !

welcome aboard.

Re: Got a P3AT,  too Cool !

welcome sir. i sure do like mine.
Re: Got a P3AT,  too Cool !

derek45 You have accquired a most wonderful and contagious disease, P3AT-itis. ;D
It is only treatable with continous use, and helped with companionship from other P3ATs or any other dose from the KEL TEC prescription bottle.
Wlecome and toooo! COOL! ::) ::)
Wilson said:
What color is it?

Wilson – who’s a two-tone lover

Gray lower, blue slide.

I wanted black/black, but they didn't have any in stock.
I looked at the gray and bought it.

I heard you can buy lowers for about $20.

It's not a BBQ gun, so who cares what color it is !

I'm happy with it.
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derek45 said:
It's not a BBQ gun, so who cares what color it is !
Dear god, you just had to ask. I'm sure Wilson will show you. :D
Re: Got a P3AT,  too Cool !

Congrat's and welcome. You will love it! ;)
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