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Earlier this year one of our forum members, fnsmoak, posted a great P-11 slide melt job, and we asked him for more details on the what, when, why and how, and this is what we got. Enjoy-- Editors.

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I purchased my first P11 in '07 or '08. A Fobus OWB holster purchased through the KTOG Classifieds was of great benefit during winter. Winter in Charleston, SC is only three or four days during either January, February, March, OR April; sometimes in October.

I stuck with the Fobus just long enough to order and receive a Belt Clip from Kel-Tec.


I could walk around in nothing but shorts and Tee and no one could tell I was toting 13 rounds of critical defense. Crawling under an over houses as a Home Inspector, Instructing CWP classes, farm work, or speaking to groups at churches, work, or schools; no one knew. Great concealment necessity.

However, my wife noticed one Sunday a.m. a vertical slice through my breeches at approximately 1:00 position next to my fly. My only explanation could be the package I assisted carrying for an older couple into the church that am. While carrying the heavy item, I had not noticed it abrading my trousers against my P11.

That afternoon, P11 met Grinder and Belt Sander.

I had already tried my hand at Parkerizing using a few different kits purchased over the internet for tweaking or repairing scratches on ARs & some older firearms. That's about as simple as boiling water. Just don't do it in your kitchen.

My initial intent with "melting" the P11 was to simply do away with the acute corners and get rid of the plastic sites that 1. I never used, and 2. infrequently inhibited rapid movement from some stowage locations (luggage, backpacks, makeshift holsters, etc.).

The first task of the Melt was to measure the minimum thickness areas around the slide. I did not want to create any area that could possibly cause a critical malfunction during fire ops.

After sketching these figures/measurements onto a few sheets of paper, I reckoned my desired "melting" would only approach the minimum desired thickness in one or two areas.

To prep for the work, I completely disassembled the slide. I then marked a very few corners and lines I needed to keep in mind, then simply started grinding.

On the first slide, I did free hand with the grinder and the belt sander. I made sure to not rush with either because once it's gone-- it's gone. Another reason to be careful and slow is so that you don't change the temper that's been engineered into your slide. Whether it just a piece of machined mild steel, or specifically tempered to some drastic hardness, it needs to keep the same temper as the engineers intended. Any journeyman ironworker will understand that concept. One that does not, may likely create scrap.

Once the grinding, sanding, and then polishing were completed, I did try various finishes, which means I did accomplish the parkerizing several times.

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This is what it looks like out of the boil and immediately doused w/ non-synthetic oil.

I did not appreciate the extremely fine finish due to anything and everything leaving a line, mark, or discoloration from even the slightest touch. The heavily beaded finish caused the P11 to sit very secure in even the loosest clothing, but it did seem to collect lint dust, moisture. A minimal bead blast followed by very course polish (very lightly) created the finish that I like. Not too slick. Not easily marked. Dark. Moreover, holds FrogLube CLP well.

Bio- fnsmoak is a forum member from the Charleston, South Carolina area. His day job includes being full time gunsmith and firearms instructor. You can visit his website here.

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I like the look,but I will keep mine like they came from Kel-tec.About 8-10 yeare ago I won matches With the P11 with a 40 cal. conversion kit and my witch my P3at.I don't shoot matches any but still shot a bit.Over 5000 + rounds through Them and I trust them more than my Gold Cup.I have a P11, P3at,P32,and 2 40 cal.conversion. Do like my Kel-Tec.
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