Glock 27 package....too good to pass up.

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    Jul 10, 2010

    I've treated my Glock 27 like a real Baby. She looks brand new, I've only fired 500 rounds since I bought her in 2007.

    She has Glock factory night sights, very bright.

    She has a high quality Wolff stainless steel guide rod and housing assembly with Wolff 18 lb. extra power dual recoil springs which greatly reduce felt recoil. (and it will never break on you) I'll still give you the original recoil assembly which was never a problem, just wanted the extra piece of mind with the Wolff set up)

    I've got 4 extra magazines for you. Two have the awesome GAP finger rest extensions! They give you more control especially on the draw, but take away nothing from concealability.The other two are G23 mags with A&G mag sleeve extenders to give the full grip. The later are brand new, never used.

    Just fell on kinda hard times right now.

    Glock 27 with factory night sights = $550.00

    Wolff ss recoil assembly for Glock 27 = $34.95

    Extra 18 lb. recoil springs(brand new) = $8.99

    2 Glock 23 magazines with A&G extenders= $60.00

    2 Glock 27 mags, GAP floorplate finger rest= $70.00

    Total package = $723.94

    If there is ever an offer that is "too good to pass up", this is it...

    It's all yours for $600.00

    PM me soon as this won't last long.

    I look forward to hearing from you.